ARLIS/NA - San Antonio - April 1997

Hot & cool news on the cataloging front since last ARLIS annual that would have been in the notebook if there had been one

* Museum of Fine Arts, Houston moved its museum files from miscellaneous vertical files to classified stacks using museum numbers (N500-3999)
* Saint Louis Art Museum has developed a template for cataloging pamphlet files
* "Glossary of bibliographic information by language" (formerly at
* Elizabeth Robinson asked on ARLIS-L about collection-level cataloging - I sent her a note about Curt Teich Postcard Archives
* British Library name authority records are being loaded via ftp as of January 1997 - 010 prefix is nb
* Dictionary of art cited as source for authority work; introduction includes description of indexing, etc.
* National Library of Australia has converted their Chinese MARC files from Wade-Giles to pinyin; LC is monitoring NLA's progress as it looks at how to convert its files to pinyin
* 043 vs. 052 for geographic access

* "... in art" is no longer free-floating - topical headings will be established explicitly - "--In art" has been established as a new free-floater under corporate and place names (this is just like "in literature")
* LC is talking implementation of form/genre terminology - more info at
* "The divided world" (NAF vs. SAF)
* local vs. standard subject headings
* a couple more rounds on NH/TR and other non-LCC but LCC-like classification schemes
* alternate classification schemes (Roberto Ferrari compiling; CASPR)
* "trinity houses" accepted for AAT

* proposed LCRI on uniform titles for works of art submitted to LC CPSO
* LC proposal for treating exhibition serially - response by CAC
* MoMA wrote LC about differences between free-floating subdiivisions under authors and under other persons; CAC will investigate

* ALA reports (Annual 1996 and Midwinter 1997) from Patricia Siska (USMARC Advisory Group rep) and me (misc. cataloging meetings) and others
* CC:DA task force report on IFLA Study on the functional requirements for bibliographic records
* reports from the NY Cataloging Discussion Group (loosely affiliated with ARLIS/NA) have appeared on ARLIS-L following each meeting (March 1997 on ALA Midwinter; February 1997 chapter tour and discussion at H.W. Wilson; January on electronic resources; November on backlogs; October on writing to LC and on multiple thesauri; August on ALA Annual; June on training cataloging assistants; May on collection-level cataloging; March on analytics) [reports from many CDGs are available at

* PCC and CONSER have consolidated under Policy Committee and Steering Committee, with separate Operations Committees
* Mary Jane Cuneo has been using the OCLC macro for authority record creation

* PURLs (persistent URLs)
* on the RLIN keyboard, there's a diacritical tilde which is not the same as the spacing tilde

* discussion of mapping from one data language to another is ubiquitous
* links to several metadata sites are on the NYU technical services home page, including VRA core, Dublin Core, metadata mapping from UK Office for Library Networking, ALCTS Meta Access Task Force

* Marietta Boyer asked about cataloging library collections on museum collection systems
* Polly Trump asked for advice on cataloging courses (traditional vs. metadata) at library school

* since VRA and ARLIS will be meeting together next year in Philadelphia, a joint CPDG has been suggested

N.B. For too many years, I have done a notebook for CPDG which has been available during the conference and which circulated afterwards. I thought I'd try something different this year. This handout summarizes the stuff that would have been in the notebook. If you want to know more about any of these topics, let me know and I'll send you copies of the ARLIS-L messages or other documentation.

Sherman Clarke, Bobst Library-Cataloging, NYU, 70 Washington Square South, NY, NY 10012
(now retired, email

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