Catalogers Discussion Group
New York, N.Y.

The Catalogers Discussion Group, also known as the Cataloging Discussion Group, is a loosely-organized group of art catalogers, loosely affiliated with the Art Libraries Society of New York, a chapter of ARLIS/NA. While we are loose, we do meet several times a year at one of the participating libraries.

Reports of our meetings

2010 September 20 (Met: Uris Education Wing) (topic: RDA)

2007 October 18 (Frick) (topic: CJK and NACO on OCLC Connexion at the Met)
2007 March 5 (NYU Bobst Library) (topic: OCLC/RLIN, ALA Midwinter 2007 reports)

2006 July 31 (Pratt Institute) (topic: OCLC, with Lynne Graziadei of Nylink)
2006 June 5 (Bard Grad Center) (topic: RLG/OCLC combination, etc., with guest Constance Malpas of RLG New York office)
2006 February 6 (MoMA [back in Manhattan!!]) (topic: ALA Midwinter)

2005 December 19 (Frick) (topic: local documentation, and a tour of the Memling portraits)
2005 July 18 (School of Visual Arts) (topic: ALA followup)
2005 April 18 (Bard Grad Center) (topics: reports from VRA and ARLIS/NA conferences)
2005 February 7 (Frick Collection) (topics: SCIPIO, ALA Midwinter)

2004 November 8 (Morgan Library) (topic: macros)
2004 July 12 (Bard Graduate Center) (topic: RLIN21)
2004 May 10 (Bard Graduate Center) (topic: FRBR and opacs)
2004 March 15 (NYU Institute of Fine Arts) (topic: ALA Midwinter)

2003 September 29 (Morgan Library) (topics: Corsair opac, collection management system interface with opac)
2003 July 21 (NYU Institute of Fine Arts) (topic: ALA reports)
2003 June 2 (Bard Graduate Center) (topic: solo librarian)
2003 April 7 (Frick) (topic: followup from ARLIS/NA conference in Baltimore)
2003 February 10 (Whitney) (topic: ALA reports, etc)

2002 November 18 (MoMA QNS) (topic: XML and other metadata scheming)
2002 September 23 (NYU Bobst) (topics: integrating resources)
2002 July 1 (Morgan Library) (topic: ALA Annual followup)
2002 April 8 (Uris Library, Met) (topics: local ARLIS/VRA joint meetings?, ARLIS/VRA annual conference reports)
2002 February 11 (Bard Graduate Center) (topics: classification; URL maintenance; ARLIS/NA preview)

2001 October 15 (Frick Collection)
2001 September 10 (Bard Graduate Center)
2001 July 16 (Cloisters) (topics: Installations (Art); miscellaneous special materials)
2001 June 11 (Morgan) (topics: bibliographic utilities and copy; Catalogers Desktop demo)
2001 April 30 (Whitney) (topics: revised LCSH for art and architecture; survey on cataloging education; shelflist cards)
2001 February 26 (Watson Library, Met) (topic: revised LCSH for art and architecture)

2000 December 18 (MoMA) (topic: part-time and temporary cataloging jobs)
2000 May 8 (Columbia) (topic: buildings in NAF; cf. draft proposal)
2000 January 24 (NYU Bobst) (topic: ALA Midwinter reports)

1999 November 29 (Pierpont Morgan) (topic: documentation)
1999 August 30 (Frick Art Reference Library) (topics: ALA Annual reports; LC proposals for revised art subject headings)
1999 July 12 (Guggenheim Soho) (topic: CIMI)
1999 June 8 (Uris Library, Met) (topics: auction catalogs, websites, etc.)
1999 April 12 (Uris Library, Met) (topic: followup from ARLIS/NA conference in Vancouver)
1999 February 24 (Fashion Institute of Technology) (topic: ALA Midwinter reports)
1999 January 6 (Bard Graduate Center) (topics: core records, local standards, offsite storage)

1998 November 2 (Guggenheim Soho) (topics: outsourcing, art documentation)
1998 September 14 (NYU Bobst) (topics: subject heading proposals, system downtime, buildings)
1998 June 22 (Whitney) (topics: uniform titles for unnamed works of art and for buildings)
1998 May 18 (Uris Library, Met) (topic: uniform titles for buildings)
1998 March 30 (Pierpont Morgan) (topic: anonymous artist relationships)
1998 February 9 (Goldwater Library, Met) (topic: ALA Midwinter reports)

1997 December 3 (MoMA) (topic: local subject headings, multiple thesauri)
1997 September 22 (Pierpont Morgan) (topic: "The perfect library system (and the IOLS from Hell)")
1997 July 28 (NYU Bobst) (topic: ALA reports)
1997 June 16 (Frick Art Reference Library) (topics: MARBI, Art NACO, AAT, extra-illustrated books)
1997 May 1 (Brooklyn Museum of Art) (topic: followup from ARLIS/NA San Antonio conference)
1997 March 10 (Whitney) (topic: ALA Midwinter reports)
1997 February 3 (H.W. Wilson) (topic: art indexing)
1997 January 8 (Columbia) (topic: cataloger workstations and internet resources for cataloging)

1996 November 25 (Watson Library, Met) (topic: backlogs)
1996 October 30 (MoMA) (topic: subject headings)
1996 August 5 (Pierpont Morgan) (topics: database cleanup after recon, international cataloging conference, Cataloger's Desktop)
1996 June 24 (Watson Library, Met) (topic: training library assistants)
1996 May 22 (Frick Art Reference Library) (topic: collection-level cataloging)
1996 March 25 (Pierpont Morgan) (topic: analytics)
1996 February 26 (NYU Bobst) (topics: format integration, subject headings for electronic resources, VR object records)
1996 January 29 (Frick Art Reference Library) (topic: ALA Midwinter reports)

1995 November 14 (MoMA) (topic: inaugural meeting)

While there is not a report for all of these meetings here, most of the meetings were written up and a report emailed to ARLIS-L and to the CDG distribution list. If no report is linked above and you would like a photocopy of the email message, let me know at (include a street address).

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