CC:DA Task Force on the VRA Core Categories
Friday, 25 June 1999, p.m.

The task force held its first in-person meeting at ALA Annual, with Sherry Vellucci (chair), Sherry Kelley, Robin Wendler and Sherman Clarke attending. The group reviewed its charge and determined an initial task for each member.

Robin Wendler will look at the structural differences between the Core and library data structures. She will especially look at hierarchy, the concept of work, basic functionality, and data dictionaries. Robin noted that "CORC is flat, this is round."

Sherry Kelley will study how the Core could be integrated with other metadata, particularly in such a project as the Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (CORC) sponsored by OCLC. The Smithsonian is working on an Access database that will be CORCed.

Sherman Clarke will analyze the Core, category by category, for similarities to AACR2 and/or MARC 21.

Sherry Vellucci will look at the Core relative to the Functional requirements for bibliographic records from IFLA and to the Delsey report that grew out of the international cataloging conference.

September was set as the goal for first drafts of these reports, etc.

The VRA Core Categories (version 2.0) are available at and subsequent pages wc2.html and vc.html

[POSTSCRIPT: please note that version 2.0 has now been superseded by version 3.0 which may be found at - sc 12 november 2000]