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Date Thursday, January 24, 2002 9:01 am
Subject Re: Slide collection catalogue

There are certainly custom in-house programs, such as have been developed at University of Michigan and elsewhere. (See) University of Michigan

Among the leading US programs (not a complete list of course, but these to my knowledge seem to be the most common in use in VR collections) which can be purchased or licensed (in MDID's case for free with agreed licensing terms!) are (in no particular order):

U. of Washington "Content" software:
(recently set up with a private company to sell and distribute)

James Madison University:
JMU Madison Digital Image Database (MDID)
The license agreement is posted there along with technical specifications and a complete description of the system.

"Portfolio" software from Extensis:

Luna Imaging, Inc. Insight Software:
For an example of this operating on the web see:

Gallery Systems (makes several products including the management systems TMS and EmbARK and web interfaces for them)

Gallery Systems is also the former producer of ImageAXS, a nice product which is no longer distributed. Portfolio is a very similar product. Some of these products incorporate databases (cataloging utilities), some can benefit from or require a "backend" database which can export text. The two most common database products in VR collections are MS Access or Filemaker Pro. There are user groups here in the US and I can supply that information if you would like it.

Susan Williams
Yale University

At 12:41 PM 1/23/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>The Henry Moore Institute is seeking a database management system for its slide library of sculptors' work. If anyone out there has recent experience of using a slide management software programme I would be pleased to hear your comments.

>I realise that most slide libraries use in-house programmes, and that many do not use computerised catalogues but I would be grateful for any suggestions or recommendations.

>Please contact me direct and I'll summarise any responses.


>Christine Kay
>Slide Librarian
>Henry Moore Institute
>74 The Headrow
>Leeds LS1 3AH
>Tel 0113 246 9469


re:Discovery - cf. (mentioned by S.C. Walker, U of Tennessee

[FROM VRA-L ON 17 OCTOBER 2003] Susan Williams posted this very useful list nearly one year ago, from which i would remove WebCT, and to which i would add FileMaker Pro, which in its latest 6.0 upgrade includes a database specifically for images
Mark M. Braunstein
Visual Resources
Connecticut College

PastPerfect, especially good for local history museums
mentioned by Pat Reynolds on VRA-L, 30 September 2004

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