PCC Participants Meeting
(Program for Cooperative Cataloging)
Sunday, 11 January 1998, p.m.

The PCC Standing Committee on Standards is now chaired by Joan Schuitema. Their current topics are a core record for electronic resources, collection-level records (working with SAA and ARLIS/NA), and an analysis of core in relation to copy cataloging, as well as the regular review of the existing core standards.

The international cataloging conference held in Toronto in October will lead the JSC and its constituents to deal with nine issues, i.e. principles, introductory material, case-based rules, terms needing definition or re-definition, seriality, main entry and work records, content vs. carrier, internationalization, and the review process for AACR. Among these issues, changes in treating seriality has the most commonality among the conference participants, as well as urgency, and will be addressed first. Tom Delsey is doing a entity relationship modeling exercise. CC:DA has been commissioned to write revisions of the content vs. carrier issues; a task force has been formed. PCC will ask for a representative on CC:DA.

LC has issued a memo stating that they will not implement the revised values for the first indicator of personal names (all surnames would be 1 rather than compound surnames being 2) until implementation of their new integrated library system late in 1999. Some records, those from the British Library and those loaded from the Dance Heritage Coalition, use the revised values. Those authority records will not be changed and bibliographic records using those headings will match the authority record.

There will be another NACO series training institute on 29-30 April and 1 May 1998. There will be a SACO preconference on 26 June 1998. The morning session will address preparing new LCSH proposals and the afternoon session will be demonstrations of submitted headings.

The CONSER policy group is looking at the 510 field which causes some problems in OCLC (too many fields, too long records). The group will probably recommend the retention but not maintenance of the fields, and will write guidelines for deletion when necessary. They have also established three groups to look at seriality issues, i.e. definition using Model B (deletes need for successive parts and designations, latest entry for some serials, successive for others; group expects to have proposals for CC:DA by summer 1998); description (latest/earliest issue and electronic serials); access (use of uniform title, key title, title changes, link between successive titles).

PCC and ALCTS are working on Cataloging Now! workshops.

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