NACO function and funnel - contribute new records to NAF and enhance/revise records in NAF; SAF contributions; funnel all work through me, independence for the coordinator and eventual independence for participants; language areas have separate independence (e.g. CJK, HAPY)

headings must be based on rules and RIs and USMARC authority format (list of sources in manual) - manual is a good guide but is not a substitute for rules & RIs - all headings and references must be justified in the record

before a hdg is established, search for bib or auth precedence (searching must include variants) - need to record any relevant information from LC and member records, e.g. parts of heading including dates, variant forms, related headings, and especially LC records with incorrect form of hdg - form of heading on LC records may affect how heading is established, cf. manual - search can be in RLIN but be sure to watch for DCLC records that might need BFM (if access to LOCIS, mixes bib and auth and isolates LC records)

fixed fields after variable

variable fields

040 supplied by RLIN but can be changed - do not keep repeated $d's

053 - LC will supply class number for literary author on request

personal name headings - follow AACR2 and RIs in establishing name - according to rules, non-authors are set up according to reference works - follow RIs for inclusion of qualifier and what to include in qualifier like "van" or spelled-out initials must match hdg - use predominant form (80%) - if there is LC bib precedence and no authority record, use LC form if AACR2 - if LC records have different form, notify me there is BFM to be done - references based on primary elements of name (surname and first element to right of comma; exception: common surnames) - LC has duplicate detection program which works on normalized headings; run every six months - hdgs and refs must normalize differently - HANDOUT: 1xx and 4xx examples; variants of variants

form of hdg - no added period at end of hdg or ref

corporate/conference name headings - follow rules and RIs - hierarchy and related hdgs must all be established (exception: conference places in X11 $c) - hierarchy includes names (place and corporate body) used in qualifiers - corporate bodies do not generally get reference from place (churches did in the past but no longer)

uniform titles - need to have a reference in order to be established

variant forms of heading (4XX) - form according to chapter 26 and RIs - all parts of hierarchy must also be established

related headings (5XX) - form according to chapter 26 and RIs - mutual references (exception: official and personal names)

sources and data found (670)

sources in which data not found (675) - repeatable $a's rather than repeated fields - more or less same rules about citing sources

(N.B. 670 always ends with a mark of punctuation; 675 never ends with added punctuation)

nonpublic general note (667) - generally don't use; try to fit all data into 670s - use for "cannot identify with" or other scope-like notes

fixed fields

RLIN worksheet comes up with supplied values in most fields

ID: (system supplied)  ST:s  EL:n  STH:a  MS:n  UIP:a  TD:
KRC:a  NMU:a  CRC:c  UPN:!  SBU:a  SBC:a  DID:n  DF:mm-dd-yy
RFE:!  CSC:c  SRU:b  SRT:n  SRN:n  TSS:n  TGA:?  ROM:?  MOD:
LC especially watches these FFD:


NACOites: let me know they have input new records in save - for revised records, proceed with revisions that add references and 670s, ask ahead for revisions that alter heading; always add references and 670s below other occurrences of same - if any LC records need BFM, notify me (no need to give LC record numbers or whatever; just indicate new hdg and old form(s) if they will search differently)
SC: I find status s in their account and print out records
SC: LC database search and general revision of record
SC: notify library of any necessary changes or additional info needed
NACOites: followup on revisions, etc.
SC: produce records when ready; produce from their account if ready; when records are completed in save, notify me immediately; if straightforward revision, will probably give "independent" status to NACOites (save --> produce after making revision)
immediacy is important - e-mail must be read each workday (both ways: I expect answers to questions in 2 business days; you should send another note if I haven't responded in 2 business days) - don't want records sitting in save any longer than necessary (potential duplication of effort and dup records are to be avoided)
as an independent NACO participant, I do not need to tell LC about new/revised records in western languages - since I have access to your accounts, you only need to say that you have records in save - my reserved time to be in your accounts (4-5 central time)
BFM always needs to be noted, for new and revised records

SAF form

- subject heading proposals are recognized as part of NACO cooperation but they go through a different process - you will find the candidate form under SACO on the PCC web page - use Subject cataloging manual to complete form - if you want me to look at a proposal before you send it to LC, e-mail it to me - new proposed hdgs go to Coop Team and are pre-approved before going to CPSO and editorial meeting