Independence procedures for artnacoisti

All records created or updated by a new participant in Art NACO will be reviewed by the funnel coordinator. Records will be input in save status and will be produced by the coordinator after review which includes searching for authority or bibliographic precedence for the heading and references.

As the participant becomes conversant with procedures for heading establishment and for record creation and updating, the participant will move to semi-independence from review. Records will be produced by the participant, but a list of any newly-produced records will be sent to the coordinator for post-production review.

Semi-independence may be granted at different times for different categories of headings. Personal names are likely to be the first category for independence. Corporate names and revisions are likely to be later. Series authority records must be input in save since Art NACO is not yet independent for SARs.

After a library has done a certain amount of records and the rate of error is considered insignificant, the library may move to independence from review. That is, the participant will produce the records and will not need to provide a list of new records for the coordinator. These records, as with all records in the Anglo-American Authority File, are subject to change as they are used by other libraries.

Certain categories of records will always need to be indicated to the coordinator:

At any time, a library may request review of its records or of a single record. Routine review is especially suggested if the library has been on hiatus for some reason. If review is desired, the participant need merely notify the coordinator of new saved or produced records.

18 May 1995