This "cheat sheet" includes the outline of the steps you should take for inputting authority records in RLIN. It is an abbreviated version of the directions in the NACO manual, including the documents from RLIN.

* Search your potential heading in the authority files to be sure there is not already a record for the heading.

* Search your potential heading in the bibliographic files, checking for precedence. You will need to keep track of LC records with the heading and notify the NACO coordinator if there are LC records which will need to be revised. The database search which finds LC records will result in a 670 like one of the following:

If you find helpful data from non-LC records in RLIN, use:

* If you aren't already in your NACO account, log into that account. Call rlin (aut). There is a special index, i.e. pending record phrase, which should be searched in order to avoid duplicating headings already in the queue for NAF. Search all your headings using fin prp ...# CREate. The CRE command will bring up a record template with most of the fixed fields filled in. Be sure the status is SAVE. Look at your NACO manual for instructions about the fixed fields that need your special attention. The 040 should have your NUC code in $a and $c. Fill in the variable fields as appropriate. Consult the NACO manual and/or MARC format for details about the fields.

* 1xx field. Do not add a period unless the heading includes it, e.g. initials.

* 4xx field(s). Do not add a period unless the heading includes it.

* 5xx field(s). These are reciprocal; there must be a 1xx record for the 5xx on another record.

* 670. Be sure to include the form of name as it appears in the source. The first 670 should be the work being cataloged. Use as many 670s as you need to justify all elements of the heading and references. Subsequent 670s should include the form of name but otherwise do not need to repeat data already cited.

* 675. Use repeating $a's for sources not found. 675s do not end with an added period.

* When you have entered some records, let me know via e-mail that you have entered some records in save. If you have found LC records which will need to be revised, let me know in your e-mail note. Do not sit on the records any longer than necessary before notifying me you have input them.

* Keep track of the record ID for your own records. If I haven't responded within a day or two, send me another e-mail message.

Last Updated: 21 March 1998