ALA summary - Midwinter 1999, Philadelphia

Friday a.m., CORC (Cooperative Online Resource Catalog)
OCLC 2?? - metadata template - portals and pathfinders - resource harvesting - automatic classification and subject headings based on words in resource - metadata extraction, editing, authority control - MARC structure underneath based on DC-MARC mapping - primary access by browsers, with vanilla version in HTML - participating institutions are expected to devote 1/2 FTE -

Friday p.m., CC:DA TF on 0.24
items with multiple characteristics - when do you make a new record? - how to deal with multiple characteristics

Friday evening, Forum on Form Implementation
LC will begin implementing this month - no plans for retrospective at this point, but maybe after ILS is implemented - issues: double-purpose subdivisions like --Periodicals - reference records will disappear and will be replaced by subdivision records - form usually last subdivision but not always (--place, for example)

Saturday p.m., SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Classification
site evaluations study almost complete

Sunday a.m., Metamarda
four subgroups: added value, resource description; conceptual map; definition and interoperability; use of metadata schemes

Sunday a.m., SAC
Fiction guidelines being revised - 856 links on authority records represent a reconceptualization

Sunday evening, PCC
CONSER working groups looking at seriality and other issues, including training - BIBCO expanding, including NYU - DCRB core: books + guidelines - CF core: books + CF characteristics

Monday a.m., SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis
interoperability and extensibility - authority control

Saturday a.m., Sunday p.m., Monday p.m., MARBI
98-15R obsolete fields (Canadian) not deleted
98-16R nonfiling characters: new open and close nonfiling approved; current indicators will be made obsolete; new to define when to be used; difference between nonfiling and nonindexing and nonsort
99-01 preservation 007 approved as amended
99-02 004 repeatable would allow linking of item to multiple bibs - proposal will be reworked with difficult examples
99-04 tactile 007 approved
99-05 holdings 040 approved
99-06 repeatable $u in 856 approved - not theoretically pure but it happens
99-07 263 changed to four digit year (y2k)
dp 111 alternate graphics
dp 112 URLs in various fields - some support but need guidelines - need for eye-readable text in note
dp 113 852 in holdings need flexibility

business meeting: MARC 21 new name for harmonized US/CANMARC - everything moved to web from gopher - papers now have status integrated with text of paper - bib updates 2 and 3 will be implemented with ILS, probably not update 4 - ILS web site for implementation details - probable joint meeting at Annual in N.O.

other notes
AACR2 will not be on Cataloger's Desktop on the web (different rights)
RLG Authority Record Assistant

notes by Sherman Clarke