Queer Caucus for Art
Who Are We?
December 2005

Please regard the following as a delightful exercise rather than a time-consuming burden :). Many of the questions are quite speculative, and we assume your responses will be also. We intend to utilize them not only to gather information, but to gauge opinion and instigate programming. Please return your survey by January 16, 2006 via email to Robert Atkins (RobertAtkins@earthlink.net) or to Sherman Clarke (ShermanClarke@NYU.edu)

To respond to the survey, copy/paste this message into a word processing program, fill in the answers and email the questions/responses to Robert Atkins or Sherman Clarke. Each of your inserted responses should directly follow the question it answers.

Thanks and best wishes for a happy & healthy new year.

Our coordinates:

  1. Where are you? In which city and state (or province/country) do your reside?
  2. What is your age?
  3. What is your gender?
  4. Terminal degree (which subject, from which univ/art school)? If you are a student, what degree are you working toward? Which univ/art school?
  5. Do you teach? If so, where? Full or part-time? If full time, tenure track?
  6. Do you write about art? For which pubs? Do you write fiction?
  7. Do you make visual art? Do you have gallery representation?
  8. What is your means of livelihood?
  9. Are you partnered? Single? Going steady? (choose one)
  10. Income: Under $20,000 (Grad student/Indentured servant), $20-30,000, $30-45,000, $45-60,000, $60-75,000, above $75,000 (choose one)

Caucus-related matters:

  1. Have you paid your dues?
  2. Is $25 dues -- with a sliding scale for freelancers and student reasonable? Given that dues have not been raised since the caucus was founded 16 years ago, is it time to raise them?
  3. Do you belong to other professional organizations? If so, which ones?
  4. Do you belong to other l/b/g/t orgs? If so, which ones?
  5. Should the caucus be focused narrowly on queer aspects of CAA's mission? Should it be more broadly focused? On what?
  6. Do you desire greater collegiality, whether through seminar or social event?
  7. Should the caucus try to nourish more substantive discussions on the electronic list? Do you believe that the unmoderated list-serv should be moderated?
  8. What would you like to see the caucus do? Not do?

Art History & Criticism:

  1. What Is art history today? (Explain yourself to an astute 18 year old.) What is its importance vis- -vis new disciplines such as critical theory, visual culture, etc?
  2. Is it a significantly different discipline than it was 20 years ago despite broadening of the canon etc?
  3. Are genuinely cross-disciplinary approaches to teaching possible in today's institutions? Desirable? Does criticism matter in the age of Zagat and the media corporation's focus on the bottom line?
  4. Where do artists fit into today's art ecosystem? Who's got the power? Who possesses a voice?
  5. How do institutions censor us? How do we censor ourselves?
  6. Has your work in the studio been affected by the "opening up" of the canon? If so, how? (This question, courtesy of Sheila Pepe)

G/L/B/T Issues:

  1. What is our identity today?
  2. Is queer creativity different than other kinds of creativity? If so, how?
  3. Is there a queer culture?
  4. Do we exist primarily in opposition to straight culture?
  5. Have the distinctive features of gay culture already been assimilated?
  6. Are we resisting? If so, what?
  7. Are there differences between genders? If so, how does this impact on the caucus?
  8. Other question(s) that should have been included on this survey?

Survey by Robert Atkins, Sherman Clarke, Sandra Langer