Queer Caucus for Art Newsletter
October 2005

BOOK REVIEW Jonathan Weinberg. Male desire: the homoerotic in American art. New York: Harry Abrams, 2004. 208 pp., 220 illns. $50.00. ISBN 0-8109-5894-5 (hardcover)

To label Jonathan Weinberg’s third major book magisterial may strike skeptical post-Foucauldians as so much P.R. overkill.  But art historians of my generation (slightly earlier than Jonathan’s) still can’t help rejoicing at the exponential broadening of our knowledge about GLBTQ arts, and the concomitant deepening of our historical understanding.  “Magisteria” is related to “master,” and Weinberg, a former Queer Caucus cochair, has admirably mastered the mushrooming literature on American queer history, of which his own previous works are an important part.  Male desire is primarily a work of synthesis, marking a new plateau in the development of queer cultural studies: there is now enough published material to integrate at this higher level.  Weinberg’s notes and acknowledgments read like a catalog of past and present QCA members, officers, and friends.  Queer art history has been something of a family business, and amid the current debate about the future and energies of our own organization, it’s heartening to be reminded of just how many offspring we’ve produced, and how big they’ve grown.

Although Weinberg modestly disclaims the goal of a full-dress survey of gay male art, he nevertheless succeeds in less than 200 pages, many of them given to lavish color reproductions, in outlining the manifold themes, imagery, and cultural contexts of artists and writers from Whitman to Warhol to Wojnarowicz.  His seven chapters are both chronological and thematic: the metaphor assigned to each time period aptly encapsulates the era’s distinctive cultural realities, though such images may also persist across longer spans -- and, as in “Water” and “Uniforms,” overlap and hybridize.  He traces the archetype of water -- one of the few remaining pretexts for realistic nude male bodies -- back to the Victorian ethos of Thomas Eakins’s Swimming.  “Uniforms” treats World War I and its aftermath, especially Demuth and Hartley; “I want muscle” the 1930s, when socialists and regionalists alike glorified the Working Man, whether rural or industrial, as an avatar of heroic virtue.  Chapter 4, “Circles and measurements,” corresponds to the ’40s, while “Collaborators” begins in the ’50s, reading Jasper Johns’s Target with plaster casts as a coded index of both postwar repression and the fact that by then there was a gay community conscious of its own closetedness.  Concluding chapters cover the Stonewall era, the age of AIDS, and a contemporary epilogue.

Weinberg has a knack for pithy phrases and metaphors that encapsulate dense observations with aphoristic brevity: the “circles” of the 1940s chapter reference the interconnectedness of both geometric circles, as a compositional device, and the emerging social circles of gay men.  The text is full of the sympathetic pictorial analysis one would expect from a historian who is also a painter, and he links even familiar and canonical artists in fresh and thought-provoking ways: “The homosexual subtext of [painter Paul] Cadmus’s and [advertising illustrator J.C.] Leyendecker’s pictures of military men becomes Tom of Finland’s overtly pornographic text” (p. 55).

Alas, the book suffers the disease endemic to surveys: works and dates parade at a brisk pace, and there’s little space for detailed biographies or for more than a handful of works by even major artists -- many of whom, by now, have had monographs of their own.  Given such limitations, it’s heartening that he includes such figures as the African-American sculptor Richmond Barthé, only now getting his due, and ambitious contemporaries like Daniel Heyman.  Personally, I missed more systematic treatment of the Harlem Renaissance, and was mystified by an unaccustomed reticence about the infamous closet-case Jasper Johns and his sometime lover Robert Rauschenberg.  Reasonably enough for a book defined more by imagery than orientation, Weinberg notes that “[u]nless I feel that ... the artist’s sexual identity is crucial to understanding ... a particular image, I do not raise it” (p. 11), but in this case he lets on only that “the two artists worked under the same roof,” omitting that they also shared a bed there, which Rauschenberg later turned into a signature artwork.  Surely it matters that a work like Target, with its penis hidden behind swinging doors (closet? tearoom?), was made by a man who lived with another male and knew secretiveness at first-hand.

Such details aside, Male desire will become a benchmark in our field.  When I called it magisterial above, I was using the verb “master” in its passive sense, the ability to absorb and integrate past information.  But “master” also has a more active, and equally relevant, sense of domination and control.  As Weinberg himself notes, this is only one version of a very rich story, and future scholars may take issue with certain of his emphases or omissions.  But they all will have to acknowledge and reckon with his framework.

- James Saslow


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