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2000 February 4-March 10 “Snap: polaroids by David Sprigle” - David Aden Gallery (350 Sunset Ave., Venice Beach, CA 90291 310-396-2949)

2000 April 6-July 2 “Delmas Howe: the Amarillo years” - Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas - see exhibits listing on

2000 April 20-May 20 “D-L Alvarez: sculpture garden” - Derek Eller Gallery (529 W. 20th St., New York 10011 212-206-6411). Short review by Holland Cotter in New York times, May 12, 2000, p. E36

2000 April 28-June 10 “Robert Mapplethorpe: autoportrait Polaroids 1972-1971” - Cheim & Read (521 W. 23rd St., New York 10011 212-242-7727). Accompanied by trifold brochure with essay by Richard D. Marshall. Short review by Holland Cotter in New York times, June 2, 2000, p. E34

2000 May 6-June 30 “Thom Lussier: absent” - Paul Morris Gallery (465 We. 23rd St., New York 10011 212-727-2752)

2000 May 9-21 “Preaching to the perverted” - performance by Holly Hughes - Performance Space 122, New York. Review by Anita Gates in New York times, May 10, 2000

2000 May 13-June 10 “Dimitrios Georges Antonitsis: family matters, some prefer nettles” - Monique Goldstrom Gallery (560 Broadway, New York 10012 212-941-9175)

2000 May 18-June 15 “Visible for a change: paintings, drawings, sculptures by Lorraine Inzalaco” - The Advocate Gallery, The Village at Ed Gould Plaza (1125 N. McCadden Pl., Los Angeles, CA 323-860-7337)

2000 May 18-June 17 “Horst P. Horst” - Wessel + O’Connor Gallery (242 W. 26th St., New York 10001 212-242-8811

2000 June 1-24 “Before the wedding” the latest acrylic by Lenore Chinn - ODC Theater (3153 17th St., San Francisco, CA 94110)

2000 June 1-July 1 “Janine Gordon” - XL Xavier Laboulbenne (504 W. 22nd St., New York 212-462-4111)

2000 June 3-July 28 “John Ahearn: sculpture from East 100th Street, part II” - Alexander and Bonin (132 Tenth Ave., New York 10011 212-367-7474)

2000 June 6-September 10 “John Singer Sargent: paintings and drawings from the collection” - Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Wing

2000 June 9-July 5 “At ease: new paintings by Joe Radoccia” - Pegasus (119 E. 60th St., New York 10022 212-308-6729)

2000 June 13- September 24 “Ernesto Pujol: conversion of manners” - El Museo del Barrio, New York (1230 Fifth Avenue, New York 212-831-7272) - accompanied by brochure with essay by Julia P. Herzberg

2000 June 22-July 15 “Boug & Worth, including works by Liz Bougatsos and Jess Holzworth: f*ck all our art heroes assholes” - American Fine Arts Co., Colin De Land Fine Art (22 Wooster St., New York 10013 212-941-0401)

2000 June 24-August 25 “Cool” [summer photos] - Wessel + O’Connor Gallery, New York

2000 June 29-September 24 “Amazons in the drawing room: the art of Romaine Brooks” - National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington

2000 July 12-September 9 “Wilhelm von Gloeden” - Throckmorton Fine Art (153 E. 61st St., New York 10021 212-223-1059)

2000 July 20-August 19 “Summer invitational show: paintings by Aaron Holzberg, Bob Gable, Ernest Thorington” - Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation (127-B Prince St., New York 10012 212-672-7007)

2000 July 25-August 18 “Patterned flowers” - George Billis Gallery (508/526 W. 26th St., New York 10001 212-645-2621 - exhibition included works by Daniel Heyman

2000 July 28 “One night only” - a lesbian performance extravaganza by Jess Dobkin - part of the 2000 Hot Festival: the NYC celebration of queer culture at Dixon Place (309 E. 26th St., New York)

2000 through August 18 “Selections from gallery artists” including Bill Jacobson and John O’Reilly - Julie Saul Gallery (560 Broadway, New York)

2000 September 5-30 “Stanley Goldstein: at a glance” - George Billis Gallery, New York

2000 September 7-January 7, 2001 “Amazons of the avant-garde” - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (earlier shown at Guggenheim in Bilbao) - paintings by six Russian women artists from around the time of the Russian Revolution

2000 September 8-October 8 “Wilhelm von Gloeden, 1856-1931: vintage photographs” - Wessel + O’Connor Gallery, New York

2000 September 9-October 14 “Frank Yamrus: rapture” - Sarah Morthland Gallery (225 Tenth Ave., New York 10011 212-242-7767)

2000 September 9-October 14 “Matthew Benedict” - Alexander and Bonin Gallery, New York

2000 September 12-October 21 “Painting invitational IV” - Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation, New York

2000 September 14-17 “The future of the queer past” - transnational history conference with 50 panels, films, exhibits, performances - University of Chicago - more info at queerpast.html

2000 September 15-January 21, 2001 Pierre et Gilles - New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York - related public programs include a lecture by Robert Rosenblum (12 October) and an invitation to create an alternate persona for a photograph by the artists (9-10 December; photos will become part of a window installation during the following week)

2000 September 22-December 11 “Camera conspirata” - an exhibition of collaborative photographic work by SPIR (Jill Casid & Maria DeGuzmán), part of “Unlimited partnerships: collaborations in contemporary art II” - Cepa Gallery (617 Main St., #201, Buffalo, NY 14203 716-856-2717

2000 September 23-December 17 “Deborah Kass: Warhol Project” - Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston

2000 October 3-28 “Elaine Komorowski: icons of memory” - George Billis Gallery, New York

2000 October 11-January 21, 2001 “Amazons in the drawing room: the art of Romaine Brooks” - Berkeley Art Museum, University of California Berkeley (symposium on “The modern woman revisited: Paris between the wars” in Berkeley and Stanford on October 27-28, including talks by Shari Benstock, Whitney Chadwick, Isabelle de Courtivron, Paula Birnbaum, Joe Lucchesi (curator of the Brooks show), Tirza True Latimer, and several others, panels on sexuality, Paris in the 1920s, jazz age, etc.; for additional information about the symposium, call the Berkeley Art Museum Education Department (510) 642-2358 or the Art and Art History Dept. at Stanford (650) 723-3788 or email or

2000 October Carrie Moyers at Debs & Co. (525 W. 26th St., New York 10001 212-643-2070) - short preview/announcement in New York blade news, Sept. 8, 2000, p. 24

2000 October “Roy Fowler, Jack Pierson: a conversation exhibition” - Art Resources Transfer, Inc. (210 Eleventh Ave., New York 212-691-5956)

2000 October 14-December 30 25th anniversary exhibition of images from The cunt coloring book by Tee A. Corinne - Good Vibrations (1210 Valencia St., San Francisco) - reception November 1, 8-10 p.m.

2000 October 24-28 “Performative sites: intersecting art, technology, and the body” - The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, State College, PA -

2000 October 25-29 American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Columbus, Ohio - theme “Contesting concepts of culture” - proposals (due 15 April 2000) were invited on “the ways that culture has replaced race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual orientation in political dialogue, sometimes as a way of avoiding direct confrontation with these issues” - more info: or John Roberts, meeting committee chair at email

2000 October 28 “Through the looking glass: feminism and popular culture” - 23rd annual conference of the SUNY New Paltz Women’s Studies Program (New Paltz, NY)

2000 October 28-29 Barnard Feminist Art and Art History Conference - Barnard College, New York (call for papers with more info in last issue of newsletter)

2000 October 31-November 5 “Saving America’s treasures in the 21st century” - national preservation conference of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Los Angeles - preliminary program includes reception for Gays, Lesbians & Friends in Preservation, tour on interpreting gay and lesbian history, etc. etc.

2000 November 11 “There’s something about Mary: the Virgin Mary in the visual arts” - symposium at Davis Museum, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. - registration material from Jennifer Dobe at or 781-283-3341

2000 November 15-28 “Familiar men” by Laurie Toby Edison - Flores Gallery, Kyoto Seika University, Japan

2000 November 16-December 22 “Andy Warhol: toy drawings” - Paul Kasmin Gallery (293 Tenth Ave., New York 10001 212-563-4474)

2000 November 16-19 “It’s about time” - 8th Annual Conference of the Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies, New Orleans, La. -

2000 November 17-January 16, 2001 “Sites unseen--Shimon Attie: photographs and public projects, 1992-1998” curated by Ellen Fleurer - Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

2001 January 5-7 “Gender and conflict in the Middle Ages” - conference sponsored by Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York (England) cms/centre/conference2000.htm

2001 January 28-April 8 “Deborah Kass: Warhol Project” - Weatherspoon Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

2001 February 13-May 7 “Sites unseen--Shimon Attie: photographs and public projects, 1992-1998” - California Center for the Arts, Escondido

2001 February 28-March 3 College Art Association, annual conference, Chicago

2001 March 22-June 23 “Nell Blaine: sensations of nature” - University of Richmond Museums, in conjunction with Marsh Art Gallery at University of Richmond and the Cape Ann Historical Museum, Gloucester, Mass. Blaine (1922-1996) was a native of Richmond and this is the first major retrospective since her death

2001 April 19-21 “Exhibiting culture/displaying race” - 16th annual conference of Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies, University of Oregon - more info at

2001 May 24-27 “Re-conditioning the queer” - session at Society for Cinema Studies conference, sponsored by SCS Queer Caucus, Washington, DC - deadline for proposals was 31 August 2000; more info on the caucus’s web page at