Greetings from your new (or actually, truth be told, used) co-chairs. You will note that our caucus is under a new name -- the Queer Caucus for Art: the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus for Art, Artists & Historians. This new name is a response to changing histories of art-making, scholarship and activism on sexuality and gender. Changing our name was also a sign of a broader organizational reimagining because in some important ways, the Caucus is at a crossroad. We have had some success in integrating LGBT work into CAA’s Annual Meeting programming -- which was a central goal. Indeed, it is now common to find LGBT work (well, less B and T than we’d like) presented in panels that are neither Caucus sponsored nor expressly queer themed.

Yet frankly we have been less successful in our political advocacy, especially when it concerns countering the institutional homophobia of the academy, gallery, and museum worlds. In most museums in the U.S., we are a long way from seeing sexuality articulated on wall labels or as a category worthy of attention in catalog essays. Galleries that crow about their diversity nonetheless seem ill-inclined to note an artist’s sexuality. And to date there has been but one school in all of the CAA position listings seeking an individual with a queer studies background, and that only this year.

In short, there is a crying need for advocacy, for it is telling when queer papers receive institutional support and queer people do not. As a consequence, we’d like to propose the creation of a list to be circulated annually to the mainstream, queer, and art press commending and critiquing those museums, educational institutions, journals or galleries who have either advanced or impeded our struggle for equality. We have yet fully to realize the clout the Queer Caucus can wield within the art world, and the creation of this list will be a first step.

If you have candidates for inclusion on the 2000 list -- singled out either for praise or blame -- please send them to Jonathan Katz, City College of San Francisco, Chair, Dept. of Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Studies, 50 Phelan Ave, Box S77, San Francisco, CA 94110 or email him at The deadline for inclusion will be December 1, 2000. The list will be published as a best of/worst of for the year 2000 in early January. If you want to serve on the final committee compiling the list, please also send Jonathan an email. We assure the membership that we will see to it that the list receives wide public circulation, towards lifting the profile of our issues -- and needless to add, that of the Caucus itself.

Jonathan Katz and Erica Rand

PS: We’re also looking forward to the 2001 conference in Chicago, and are looking for people willing to help on the host and exhibition committees. Please contact us if you are.

A hearty thank you to:

Audiocassettes of sessions are available from Audio Archives International, Inc. See their listing of recorded sessions in the March/April 2000 issue of CAA news.

See Tee Corinne’s column on the exhibits under the caption “Talking about books” in the book news section of this newsletter.

The 2001 CAA conference will be held in Chicago from February 28 to March 3, 2001. The call for participation was mailed in February 2000 and proposals are due May 15. Scheduled sessions include: “What’s in a name?” (chaired by Gavin Butt and Jonathan Katz), “Re-viewing 1970s and 1980s feminist art practices in the 1990s” (chaired by Lisa Bloom); “The invisible flâneuse?: rethinking women’s experience of public space in 19th-century France” (chaired by Aruna D’Souza and Tom McDonough). If you are involved with or know about a session at next year’s conference that might be of particular interest to Caucus members, send a note to the editors so that it can be highlighted in the pre-conference issue (January 2001).

From the editors

The next issue of the newsletter will include early plans for Caucus activities during the annual CAA conference to be held in Chicago from February 28 to March 3, 2001. The issue will also include the regular features like news of members, calendar, call for papers, and new publications.

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Please send items for the next issue to either of the editors, Tee Corinne or Sherman Clarke (contact info on officers listing).

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The deadline for the next issue is 10 September 2000.