Queer Caucus for Art:
the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus
for Art, Artists & Historians
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(New York City)
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(Los Angeles)
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(New York City)
"Outside the box: homosexualities and the arts in global perspective" (James Saslow) -- -- -- -- --
(Washington, D.C.)
-- "Queer exhaustion" (Alpesh Kantilal Patel, Tina T. Takemoto) "Queer threads"
(Maryland Institute College of Art)
(John Chaich)
[not an official caucus exhibition]
"Queer threads unraveled: a roundtable discussion"
(MICA, Baltimore);
reception, Number Nine, P Street
Charlie Snyder, Jenn Tyburczy, oli rodriguez [news on website]
(New York City)
"Irreverent: a conversation about sex and censorship" (Anne Swartz, Jennifer Tyburczy) "Queer threads unraveled" (John Chaich, Jeanne Vaccaro) "Irreverent" (Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art) (Jennifer Tyburczy) opening reception at "Irreverent" Lily Woodruff, Charlie Snyder, Jenn Tyburczy --
"Obsessive occularity: visualizing queerness, bodies, and disability" (Stefanie Snider) "Strange bedfellows" (Amy Cancelmo and Lily Woodruff) "Strange bedfellows" (Columbia College Averill and Bernard Leviton A&D Gallery) (Amy Cancelmo) -- Lily Woodruff, Jonathan Walz, Charlie Snyder --
(New York City)
-- -- -- -- Jason Watson, Lily Woodruff --
(Los Angeles)
"Flagging: aesthetic tactics and queer signification" (Anna Campbell) "Conversations on affect and archives" (Tirza Latimer and Virginia Solomon) -- "Queer pier workshop" (Thomas Lax) and reception, ONE Institute, USC Jason Watson, Lily Woodruff Jesse Kahn, Jonathan Walz
(New York City)
"Narcissism" (Tirza True Latimer) "Creating in the queer diaspora" (Jason Dillon Watson, Sean Gyshen Fennell) "Queer me: art and gender politics" (NYC LGBT Center) (with reception and artists' talks) (Garth Amundson and Darren Lee Miller, jurors) CAA Centennial Panel: "Against acknowledgement: sexuality and the instrumentation of knowledge" (Jonathan David Katz, chair) Darren Lee Miller, Virginia Solomon Jesse Kahn, Jonathan Walz
"Desire is queer!" (Miranda Mason, Jonathan Walz) "Is 'Queer art' relational?" (Robert Summers, Virginia Solomon) "Desire .10" (Logsdon 1909 Gallery & Studio) (Marco Logsdon) "Push and/or pull: trans and gender-variant artists discuss the role of feminism in their work" (part of Feminist Art Project, Saturday, L.J. Roberts) Darren Lee Miller, Virginia Solomon Jesse Kahn, Jonathan Walz
(Los Angeles)
-- "Queering craft" (Jenni Sorkin) "queercraft" (Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center) (Joon Oluchi Lee) -- Lacey Jane Roberts, Jonathan Walz Jesse Kahn
"Queer love boat?: the politics of inclusion in visual culture" (Jason Goldman, Erica Rand) "żY que?: queer art made in Texas" (panel on an exhibition held at Landmark Arts, Texas Tech University, coordinated by Harmony Hammond) -- "Art on the borderline" (chaired by Tirza Latimer) Lacey Jane Roberts, Jonathan Walz Sherman Clarke, Shari Diamond
(New York City)
"Love/sick" (Tina Takemoto & Elizabeth Stephens) "Art partners: the erotics of collaboration" (Harmony Hammond, Tirza True Latimer) "Mother, may I?" (LGBT Community Center) (Sheila Pepe) "Troubling the waters: homoeroticism and the politics of identity in black visual culture" (chaired by James Smalls) Tirza True Latimer, Chris Reed Sherman Clarke
"Classical antiquity and the expression of queer desires" (Peter Holliday) "Another kind of Names Project" (Chris Reed in conjunction with Paul Jaskot, for the Radical Caucus) "Queer eye" (co-sponsor) (U Mass Boston) (David Areford) -- Tirza True Latimer, Chris Reed Sherman Clarke
-- "Queer exhibitions: an idea whose time has gone?" (Jenni Sorkin) "Committed to paper: 10X10" (fundraiser / exhibition, Outwrite Bookstore) (Garth Amundson) -- James Saslow, Jenni Sorkin Tee Corinne, Sherman Clarke
"What next?: reconsidering queer methodologies" (Maura Reilly, James Smalls) "Queer artists speak" (Sallie McCorkle) "neoqueer: new visual art ..." (Center on Contemporary Art) (David Brown, Maura Reilly, Craig Houser) "InterseXions" conference, New York City, November 2004 (co-sponsor with CLAGS) James Saslow, Jenni Sorkin Tee Corinne, Sherman Clarke
(New York City)
"Beyond the usual suspects: expanding the queer canon" (James Saslow) "Publishing on GLBT art" (Tee Corinne) "Queer migrations" (LGBT Community Center) (Dean Dresser, Robert Repinski) opening reception for exhibition & Friday evening soiree at Saslow/Goldstein residence Maura Reilly, James Saslow Tee Corinne, Sherman Clarke
"Post-queer?: gender, sexuality and the subversion of legibility" (Dean Dresser, Jeffery Byrd) "Discrimination in academia" (Ray Anne Lockard, Ed Check) no exhibition "How do LGBT artists address the nude?" (panel chaired by Tee Corinne & Sherman Clarke) Maura Reilly, James Saslow Tee Corinne, Sherman Clarke
no panel "Reclosetings: museums, sexuality, and the politics of display" (Jonathan D. Katz) no exhibition -- Jonathan Katz, Erica Rand Tee Corinne, Sherman Clarke
(New York City)
no panel no lunchtime session "Queer 2000: a members' millennium" (Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center) (Dean Dresser, Jim Saslow) name changed from Gay and Lesbian Caucus to Queer Caucus for Art, during business meeting; revised bylaws passed Jonathan Katz, Erica Rand Tee Corinne, Sherman Clarke
(Los Angeles)
"Camp rules" (Joe Thomas) -- exhibition at The Village (L.A. LGBT center) (Joe Thomas) mini-session at ONE Archive, U of Southern California Ray Anne Lockard, Joe Thomas Sherman Clarke, Elizabeth Milroy
no panel -- "Troubling customs" (Ontario College of Art and Design) (Erica Rand, Sallie McCorkle, Cyndra MacDowall, and others) -- Ray Anne Lockard, Joe Thomas Sherman Clarke, Elizabeth Milroy
(New York City)
"Against commodification (not interpretation): strategies in lesbian and gay criticism" (Terry Meyers, Laura Cottingham) "The balancing act: coming out of the closet (race, gender, class, cultural heritage, sexuality" (Flavia Rando, Harmony Hammond) "Afro-homo" (Bridge Gallery, New School)
"Queer in the year 2000" (Parsons School of Design)
video screening at VOID
Friday evening soiree at Saslow/Goldstein residence Harmony Hammond, James Smalls Ray Anne Lockard, Sherman Clarke
"Responding to AIDS" (Laura Migliorino, James Meyer) "Conflicts and shared concerns: toward lesbian and gay coalitions" (Erica Valentino) "Un-becoming visibility" (video screening in conjunction with "Apparitions in the aperture" session) open house and reception at "AIDS communities/arts communities" (Boston Center for the Arts) Harmony Hammond, James Smalls Ray Anne Lockard, Sherman Clarke
(San Antonio)
"Lesbian and gay intent in contemporary American artists of color" (David Padilla Cabrera, David Hirsh) "Being out in the classroom and studio" (Flavia Rando, James Smalls) -- "Lesbian and gay art books" (panel chaired by Tee Corinne) Flavia Rando, Jonathan Weinberg Ray Anne Lockard, Sherman Clarke
(New York City)
"Who's building the closet?: visual culture and art historical suppressions" (Flavia Rando, Jonathan Weinberg)
"Stonewall(s), or, Queering historical facades" (Catherine Lord)
"Now you see me, now you don't" (video) (John di Stefano, Jane Cottis)
"Disinheritance: intergenerational dialogues or the dating game" (Kaucylia Brooke, Doug Ischar)
-- -- -- Flavia Rando, Jonathan Weinberg Joan Boccino, Ellen Mahaffy
"Lesbian looks: politics, erotics and art" (Laurie Beth Clark, Erica Rand)
"Homosexuality and the practices of art history" (Whitney Davis)
"Domesticity and modernism" (Chris Reed)
-- -- -- Whitney Davis, Erica Rand Joan Boccino, Ellen Mahaffy
"Self-presentation: lesbian and gay portraits and self-portraits" (Jeffery Byrd)
"The cultural construction of 'homosexuality' in the visual arts, or, what would a gay art history be about" (Bruce Robertson, Elizabeth Honig)
-- -- "Now you see her: making lesbians visible" (WCA session, chaired by Erica Rand) Whitney Davis, Erica Rand Sallie McCorkle, James Saslow, Susan Aberth
"Gay and lesbian sensibility in photography" (Ann Meredith)
"Others viewing others: the representation of gender and sexuality" (Ann Kibbey, Jonathan Weinberg)
-- -- -- Tee Corinne, Edward Sullivan James Saslow, Sallie McCorkle
(New York City)
-- -- -- -- Tee Corinne, Edward Sullivan Cassandra Langer, Jonathan Weinberg
(San Francisco)
-- -- -- INITIAL MEETING!! Jonathan Katz, Margaret Stratton James Saslow, Cassandra Langer, Jonathan Weinberg

N.B. In addition to the activities listed above, the Caucus held its annual business meeting. A reception was held most years in the conference hotel; these are not indicated above though special receptions are. This chronology is based on reports in the newsletter. Reports from the business meeting, as well as listings of speakers and other details about panels, may be found in the newsletter. If you can supply information missing from this chronology, please send a note to Sherman Clarke, sherman.clarke@gmail.com or to the caucus officers at qcaofficers@gmail.com.

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