[extracted from LCCN, v. 7, no. 10, Aug. 1999]

The Public Library Association Cataloging Needs of Public Libraries Committee sponsored a program "Cooperative Cataloging Goes Public" at the 1999 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. Sally Sinn (National Agricultural Library), Chair of the PCC, outlined its organizational structure, and Antony Franks (LC) and Carolyn Sturtevant (LC) explained the component programs of the PCC. Joan Swanekamp (Yale University) demonstrated how to recognize PCC records in the national utilities. Kate Harcourt (Cornell University) promoted the value of using PCC records even among libraries that do not participate in PCC programs. Ruth Bogan (Cooperative Computer Services) told of her colleagues' appreciation for the training experience and the satisfaction they felt in contributing authoritative records to the national files. Louisa Kreider (Cleveland Public Library) described her library's implementation of BIBCO and mentioned the benefits of improved quality in cataloging, reduction in books backlog, and the appearance in national databases of records for holdings unique to public libraries.

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