MINUTES FROM THE 6/7/99 New York Catalogers' Meeting

by VR Bohm-Watson Library

Meeting took place at the Uris Library, Emily Roth hosting


Emily Roth mentioned she had spoken with a rep from AMICO project who said a demo would be possible. A quick discussion came to the conclusion that such a demo might better be done for a wider audience.

Lynn Underwood, Museum Records Manager (Guggenheim), discussed her involvement with CIMI (Consortium for the Interchange of Museum Information) and said a demo would be possible. A discussion at the beginning and end of the meeting concluded that such a demo would be helpful and informative.

Ben Kessler mentioned that AMICO still had "bugs" to work out in content and language.

The project at Cornell with a professor-directed project for imaging was mentioned, and thought to be possibly more suited for curriculum-based use than AMICO (at least as AMICO stands now).

Also mentioned was the MDLC & a San Diego based image directory.

I. Introduction of those attending the meeting

II. Discussions of the business at hand (see the topics listing from the 6/2/99 e-mail from Dan Fermon )

A. Strategic Plan survey -- deadline has been extended to the end of June 99

from the previous NYCAT Meet -- should ARLIS/NA help more, especially financially, to get ARLIS people to ALA conferences and other library conferences, and be more of a presence there?

(see the draft from the SCIPIO Advisory Taskforce)
discussion -- should there be some sort of standard for SCIPIO records? National? Just for SCIPIO? Core level?

How would that affect authority work and overall speed in getting the records into the database for use?

Should ARLIS be involved in SCIPIO issue? Since RLIN charges separately for SCIPIO now, would it be better if it were made "just another database" within RLIN?

MEMBERS should review this question and be prepared to continue the discussion at the next meeting.

C. Cataloging websites

not many at the meeting are cataloging websites.

those doing website cataloging have been following guidelines created by their individual library requirements

mentioned was Princeton is joining CORC, OCLC project to create a database of websites

mentioned also: 245 $h computer file is being changed to $h electronic resource

points highlighted: how some artists do not like the idea of a record being made of their website because it destroys the immediacy of their work which is supposed to be changeable

vs. what sort of archival records do and will cataloged websites make, will there be a use for and request for "historical" website information in the future (equivalent to the different editions and printings of a monographic work)?

D. It was decided to hold off discussions of EAD until the next meeting. Then some discussion of Cat./Ref.

NEXT MEETING: Guggenheim Soho, Monday, July 12th, 1999 HOST: Lynn Underwood.


Minutes by VR Bohm, Watson Library