Minutes--New York Catalogers--Meeting January 6, 1999
Bard Graduate Center
Hostess = Greta Earnest, Chief Librarian


1. Tour of the current exhibition "India : a Jewelry Spectrum" by Nicole Linderman

A tour of the exhibition of jewelry, mainly silver and gold, from all parts of India with excellent commentary by Nicole Linderman.

2. Quick history of BGC by Greta Earnest. Begun in 1993, one of 3 schools to offer an MA in decorative arts, as of 1998 BGC offers a PhD in decorative arts. Now at 18 West 86th, BGC is acquiring space at 38 West 86th and hopes to move the library there by 2000

3. The Library has three professionals: Greta Earnest-Chief Librarian, Stephanie Sueppel-Serials and reference, Irina Kandarasheva-Tech services and reference. The library is 6 years old, employs work-study students and hopes to employ paraprofessionals. It has ca. 30,000 titles, 180 periodicals, 3600 bound journals, and 60 videos.


1. SACO workshop at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia--register by 1/8/99
two workshops for co-op cat. = a.m. basic, p.m. advanced [art subject headings]
check website http://lcweb.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/pcc.html
there was brief discussion of current SACO pro's and con's

2. Core records

discussion about whether or not the minimal bib level with authority control really allowed for more-better-faster cataloging--how much clean up and/or enhancement was done at a later time, was it even necessary--did special libraries and specific subject areas in any library, need and use too many local headings to make core records advantageous?--were librarians or paraprofessionals doing copy-cataloging and how much were they expected to check authorities, do clean up, or just accept what was there?

PCC training sessions useful or not? Most present who had attended one thought such sessions were useful.

3. Local standards

discussion of 653 and 655 fields as well as the use of local headings, 650 4 vs. 690

discussion about the use of 500 fields for notes, "extra information" worth keeping but not really fitting into a regular subject or name field, searchable by keyword if nothing else

4. Off-site storage

Who uses it? MOMA representatives offered views on their reasons, management and problems

Space/staffing/type of library and circulation needs and statistics/aquisition policies budget = all factors

5. Meeting ended with tentative plans for the next meeting to be held either on Monday, February 22nd or on Wednesday, February 24, at either MOMA or FIT---------- representatives from those two institutions will e-mail decision

Agreed upon initial topic = report from ALA midwinter

Any other desired topics = e-mail Dan Fermon at Danny_Fermon@moma.org

6. Final activity = tour of the BGC Library by Greta Earnest

Minutes by V.R. Bohm--Watson Library