The Robert Goldwater Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The majority of the meeting's agenda was dedicated to reports of meetings held at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans. The presenters were: Daniel Starr, Museum of Modern Art; Danny Fermon, Museum of Modern Art; Liz O'Keefe, Pierpont Morgan Library; Sherman Clarke, NYU Libraries; and Rick Block, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

# Report of the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee, Brian Schottlaender (Reported by Daniel Starr)

# Report on the IFLA Conference in Copenhagen, Aug. 29-Sept. 6, 1997, delivered by Barbara Tillett, ALA Representative to the Section on Cataloging (Reported by Starr)

# OCLC Report (Starr)

# Report of LC Representative to CC:DA, Barbara Tillett (Starr)

# Task Force on Cataloging Conference Proceedings (Starr)

# Report on Brazilian Personal Names (Starr)

# Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA)(ACLTS/CCS) Task Force on Metadata Meeting (Starr)

# Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI)(ACLTS/LITA/RUSA) Meeting and MARBI Business Meeting (Reported by Liz OKeefe; both Sherman Clarke's and Liz O'Keefe's reports available at

# PCC Participants Meeting (Reported by Sherman Clarke) (Highlights available at; Sherman Clarke's report available at

# Rick Block spoke briefly on topics which arose at meetings he attended, specifically on the seriality of electronic media and loose-leafs "post-Toronto".

# Subject Analysis Committee Meeting (ALCTS/CCS) (Starr). Topics included "Men" + profession versus "Male" + profession; the "Work of Art" revision which ARLIS/NA proposed; and the open comment period for the proposals for "--Biography" and "--Biography--To 1500"

# SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Classification Meeting; and # SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis (Clarke) Sherman Clarke's report available at

# Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries ["Big Heads"] Discussion Group Meeting (Clarke) Sherman Clarke's report available at

# Technical Services Directors of Medium-Sized Reasearch Libraries ["Medium-Sized Heads"] Discussion Group Meeting (Fermon)

In other comments and discussions, ...
# Sherman indicated that RLG was working on a project to develop an Automated Authority Record Generator (AARG).
# Liz indicated that the ARLIS/NA CAC proposed discussion paper (what to do with artist-only under art-history generated names, such as "School of...", "Master of ...") was received too late for MARBI

Discussion followed the reports on a variety of topics. If the proposal were to be reworked, NYCDG could revisit the issue. Other topics for future discussion included undifferentiated affiliated personal names and names for untitled works of art.

The next meeting will be held March 30, 1998, at the Pierpont Morgan Library, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Notes compiled by Ross Day