Catalogers Discussion Group
Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
15 March 2004

Approximately 23 people attended the March 15th meeting of CDG at IFA, with the main topic of discussion being reports from ALA Midwinter in San Diego.

Liz O’Keefe reported on the Subject Analysis Committee Task Force on Named Buildings and Other Structures. ARLIS/NA CAC submitted a draft rule interpretation on named buildings to LC Cataloging Policy and Support Office and received a response in spring 2003. The SAC task force was convened at CAC’s request to provide wider input on the LC response. Her full report on the task force meeting is available at along with an analysis of how buildings fit in the FRBR model. cf. The task force continues its work with particular attention to the issues of moved buildings, earlier/later names, building vs institution occupying the building, collections known by building names (e.g. Holkham Hall manuscripts, Chatsworth drawings), and exhibition spaces in buildings without a corporate presence (e.g. Château de Blois). The final report is due at Midwinter 2005.

John Maier reported on the work of the SAC subcommittee on semantic interoperability. They are still floundering a bit but are working on a program for ALA Annual 2004. cf.

Topics discussed at CC:DA included: coloured illustrations (a definition will be forwarded to JSC that eliminates black and white as colors, and which does not suggest changes to the rules about recording color); the 2004 amendments may be the last group for AACR2R2002, as JSC will be looking at hiring an editor of AACR3 at its spring meeting; a task force on rules for early printed books has been established (Maria Oldal has been appointed; they are looking at whether there is a place for such rules in AACR, with most regular rare book catalogers using supplemental guidelines such as DCRB; there was general support expressed for keeping the rules for those that deal with early printed books on an irregular basis; some other issues: importance of manifestations and items in rare book cataloging, handpress vs machine-press, clustering in cooperative databases).

Topics at MARBI included: 260 $e, $f and $g were made repeatable; 541, 561 and 583 were revised to support suppression, export and display of private data; discussion of hierarchical geographical access in 752 for production as well as topic will move to a proposal with options (7XX vs 6XX).

RLG migration to RLIN21 continues. The web browser came up on March 15th and the tech services client will be arriving in June. Exporting records will change to Z39.50 and FTP, with set-up requirements. RLG will be exhibiting at the ARLIS conference in April at the Roosevelt Hotel.

LC is working with the Deutsche Bibliothek, OCLC, and other organizations on a virtual international authority file. cf.

Other ALA reports may be found at

The next meeting of CDG will take place after ARLIS and the topic will be FRBR and opacs. The discussion will review the FRBR panel at ARLIS, being chaired by Anne Champagne. Venue to be determined.

Notes prepared by Sherman Clarke

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