New York Catalogers' Discussion Group

July 1, 2002 at the Pierpont Morgan Library


The meeting began with a report from Liz O'Keefe on the Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI) meeting at the American Library Association conference in Atlanta. Particular topics of interest were the addition of URI subfields to 506 (Restrictions on Access Note) and field 540 (Terms Governing Use and Reproduction Note), and the addition of MARC tag 563 for binding information. Discussion focused on the possible uses of the 563 tag, particularly as it might relate to artist's books. LC will be implementing new fields once per year, but Sherman Clarke was not sure whether this will follow ALA's annual or mid-winter meeting. The placement of copy-specific information into Holdings records was discussed, and generally thought to be unsatisfactory, as it's not searchable there, and doesn't't get loaded into the utilities.

OCLC's proposed FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) was reviewed. It is based on LCSH, but headings are broken up into their various subdivisions, and applied separately. It grew out of OCLC's CORC project (Cooperative Online Resource Catalog), and is intended to facilitate subject analysis of electronic resources, but some members of the group were skeptical as to its utility. (See for more information).

Sherman spoke about the CC:DA meetings; he has posted Anne Champagne's notes at LC has begun receiving snail mail again, however much of it is damaged from the irradiation process. Serials, electronic resources and the new category of integrating resources were discussed; examples given include a museum website and databases. . LC will implement the revisions to AACR2 on Dec. 1, 2002. LC's authority file is available on the web from July 1: Maria Oldal passed around some printouts taken from the site. It can be found at

Sherman has also posted links to round robin reports of the "Big heads" (aka ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group). They discussed a study of e-journals, among other things. (Minutes for the Atlanta meeting are not yet available). Members of the CONSER Task Force on Publication Patterns and Holdings made a presentation to the Big heads on the publication pattern initiative (more here: Compliance with MARC Holdings is still not complete.

OCLC is previewing its new cataloging interface called Connexion at It will eventually replace both Passport and CatME, and is intended to be the single route to OCLC cataloging services.

Sherman then described the joint meeting of MARBI and CC:DA on the FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) model and how it relates to possible changes in the cataloging rules and the MARC 21 formats. See and for more information. He also mentioned its counterpart, the Functional Requirements for Authority Numbers and Records (FRANAR), and pointed out that AACR2 was weak when dealing with works of art, whereas the "work, expression, manifestation, item" approach of FRBR could be more flexible.

Changes to chapters 9 and 12 were discussed at an ALCTS meeting. (See for Jean Hirons' power point slides for a presentation at the NASIG meeting in June)

John Maier attended the Authority control in the online environment discussion group of LITA (minutes to be available at The revised Bath Profile for testing Z39.50 compliance by vendors were discussed by Larry Dixson (LC). Glenn Patton (OCLC) described international efforts to improve authority records and mapping. Tony Olson (Northwestern) described mapping MeSH to LCSH.

Sherman attended Subject Analysis Committee where Lois Chan's paper on semantic interoperability for IFLA's Glasgow meeting was discussed (see the paper at

Liz reported on the RBMS session on Second generation library systems, which was narrowly focused on details. The consensus was that systems are better, but that there's no guarantee that 3rd generation systems will make cataloging easier.

The next meeting will be at NYU's Bobst Library on Sept. 23.

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