Catalogers Discussion Group
(affiliated with ARLIS/New York)
minutes of meeting, 8 April 2002

TO: members of the NYCDG
FROM: Vicky Bohm, Watson Library IN RE: minutes for the April 8, 2002 meeting, Met. Mus. Uris Conference Rm.

1. Michelle Murray, chair of the VRA/NY, had been in contact with VRB about possibly arranging a joint meeting of VRA/NY and perhaps the NYCDG or ARLIS/NY. The NYCDG thought it a good idea in general, however, it was agreed that Michelle would be referred to Paula Gabbard, Chair of ARLIS/NY, though any NYCDG members wishing to attend the next VRA/NY meeting, when the time is set, could do so. A VRA attendance at an NYCDG meeting might prove useful if the topic(s) to be discussed were specific enough to both groups, such a site-specific entities or the use of LC authority forms by VRA. (follow up: VRB e-mail sent to Michelle and cc to Paula; Paula sent reply to Michelle, cc. to VRB and to Danny Fermon))

2. Reports and opinions given about the joint VRA/NA and ARLIS/NA conference in St. Louis: general concesus that it was a good conference with good coverage of joint topics. Sub-discussions about a few of those topics, e.g. whether or not VRA could or would want to use MARC or as MARC-similar as possible standards, and LC authority standards, or whether they might develope their own brand of standards; metadata related to VRA; VRA-data-core; the actual labor-intensive work which might be needed to implement new standards vs. standards adopted from existing ones.

3. The question was raised whether it might be beneficial to ask someone from the CAT. POLICY OFFICE to officially attend the ARLIS/NA conference in Baltimore.

4. It was noted that cataloging has become a more important theme for discussion groups, panels, and sessions at the ARLIS conferences in general. With the change now in emphasis as to how panels and papers will now be recommended, it may possible for individuals to propose papers on very specific subjects to be presented or pulled together as part of panel with other relevant papers. It was noted that the point-counter point feature at a conference could offer the opportunity for such "confrontations" as a cataloger and a reference person, or an administrator and a cataloger, or collection development person and a cataloger.

5. Briefly touched upon was the subject of a library switching their classification system in any way, such as Watson switching form its own class system to the LC system, or MOMA using more than one system as it physically changes its locations. Points mentioned were how curators looked upon such changes, the effects it would have on browsing the actual stacks as well as how the online catalogs registered the classification system or systems for the patrons, and when and who did what changes at what point in the overall work-flow. Related side issues were bar-coding and targeting, re-con reclassification, and what to to with slip-cases, plastic covers, dust jackets, etc.

6. A late question raised was: since the Whitney is down to one RLIN access, hourly, did anyone know of any free downloads = Voyager's connection to LC.

7. The host for the next meeting will by the Morgan -- date and time to be confirmed.

notes by Vicky Bohm

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