CC:DA Task Force on Metadata and the Cataloguing Rules
Combined MARBI/CC:DA meeting

January 11, 1998


Attendees at this meeting consisted of the members of the CC:DA TF on Metadata and the Cataloguing Rules, MARBI members, bibliographic utility representatives, and other interested observers. We began with an attempt to clarify the administrative status of the group and to establish an agenda for the meeting. [The chair of the CCS Executive Committee clarified the status of this group subsequent to the meeting. The group will be a continuation of the CC:DA TF, not a new joint TF.--Ed.]

Metadata schemes such as the TEI header, Dublin Core and GILS are proliferating at a rapid rate. These are designed to facilitate efficient resource description and discovery in a variety of venues. We expect that resource description records created following one metadata scheme will be used as the basis for resource description records in other metadata schemes and that eventually many different types of metadata records will need to be integrated into library databases. The Task Force will evaluate the relationship between library metadata (AACR2, USMARC) and non-library metadata (TEI header, Dublin Core, GILS) and the impact of their integration into a single database.

Our audience: MARBI; CC:DA; ALA; Broader library community; bibliographic utilities; Metadata devolopers and implementors; Library schools.

Draft charge:

  1. Analyze and document the impact of metadata schemes on well-established library standards such as AACR2 and USMARC.
  2. As needed, prepare discussion papers for MARBI and rule revision proposals for CC:DA.
  3. Report to MARBI and CC:DA at Midwinter and Annual Conferences.
  4. Inform ALA and the library community about metadata development. In particular, help librarians to understand the impact of integrating various schemes. Possible ways to do this include, but are not limited to, presenting a program at the ALA Annual conference in 1999.

Organization of Task Force

Membership: CC:DA TF and MARBI members appointed by the respective chairs. Representatives from other metadata groups, bibliographic utilities and computer/information science groups to be appointed by the CC:DA chair.

Duration: Two years, with a final report due at ALA mid-winter, 2000.

Communication: An open discussion list will be established to facilitate the work of the Task Force.

Chair: A new chair will be appointed following ALA Annual, 1998. Consideration will be given to appointing two co-chairs, one from MARBI and one from CC:DA, with responsibilities for each clearly spelled out.

Meetings: Sunday morning. Plans for making meetings more productive will be distributed prior to the summer meeting.

Action Items:

  1. Develop a final TF charge--Sherry Kelley, Diane Hillmann
  2. Plan to make 1998 ALA Annual meeting productive-- Stu Weibel
  3. Set up and confirm liaisons to metadata groups--Sherry Kelley
  4. Set up listserv--Diane Hillmann
  5. Identify sample databases for evaluation--Sherry Kelley
  6. Post message to information studies graduate student list asking for volunteers to do a research project--Cynthia Porter

Sherry Kelley