Metadata and the Cataloguing Rules Task Force meeting
January 10, 1998


Attending: Jackie Shieh, Matthew Beacom, Rhonda Marker, John Attig, Ann Sandberg-Fox, Sherman Clarke, Kris Kiesling, Michael Fox, Martha Yee, Brad Eden, Lynne Howarth, Sherry Kelley (recorder)


The group reviewed its charge, as amended in June, 1997, to determine what needs to be done to complete our work and prepare a report for the ALA Annual Conference, 1998. We agreed to focus our activity on the TEI header and Dublin Core data element sets. Evaluations of these schemes will provide the bulk of our final report. The group recognized the importance of other metadata sets for resource description/discovery, that metadata records representing diverse schemes might be integrated with AACR2 cataloging records in a single database, and that we lack the time to carry out in-depth evaluations of these other schemes. We agreed to include summary reports for some of the more significant schemes. Action Items:

1. TEI header. Brad Eden, Jackie Shieh, and Sherry Kelley. Review the USMARC crosswalk if available by the end of February. [Sally McCallum has indicated that this will be completed soon after ALA Midwinter.] If the USMARC/TEI header crosswalk is not available, the crosswalk created at the University of Virginia will serve as the basis for evaluation. Jackie provided some useful examples for our meeting. Additional UVA records will be examined.

2. Dublin Core elements (DC). John Attig [S. Kelley? any others?] Review the records and responses from John*s DC project. If possible, look at records from other DC implementation projects.

Both sub-groups will do the following:
a. Use the the criteria listed below to evaluate TEI header/Dublin Core as source for AACR2 catalog records
[These criteria are under development. Please feel free to comment, add, amend.]
-does the core set of data elements match the Computer File Core Record Requirements established by PCC (is this still a draft, or was is there a final version?)
-does the data present in the TEI header/DC resource description meet AACR2 requirements for chief source of information and prescribed sources of information
-do proper names conform to AACR2 rules for name heading forms
[This is not an authority control question-- but rather are personal names given in inverted order, how are corporate names presented, etc.]
-are defined subject schema used (even though we are just supposed to do description)

[sample records, matching *title pages*, tables might be useful illustrations]

b. What will be the consequences of adding TEI header/DC resource description records to AACR2-based library catalogs without cataloger intervention? [this is a corollary to 1.a. above]
c. Are there possible rule revision proposals to AACR2 that would aid the cataloger in using TEI header/DC resource description data as a source for cataloging?
d. Do the USMARC/TEI header/DC crosswalks accurately map data?
Include here documentation to support conclusions. Inform MARBI/MARC Development Office of problems

3. Metadata summaries:
The following agreed to prepare summaries:

Include in summaries:
-some background or history and community served
-description of metadata element set
-sample records if possible
-apply questions 1.a-1.d above as appropriate or possible
-citations for more information, implementation projects, etc. Include Web sites

As a result of the evaluations, the TF will determine possible recommendations for changes to TEI header/DC element set and communicate these to their editors. This will fulfill another of the Task Force*s original charges. In the interest of staying current with metadata development, several of the group reported on conferences, meetings, workshops, etc. they had attended.

Action item: 4. Source code in HTML documents as source of resource description/cataloging data. Ann Fox and Sherry will talk more about this.

We agreed on a Calendar for the TF report: Feb. 28: post draft section to the listserv March 30: complete review and editing; complete final report April 1: forward to Dan Kinney

Task Force members without specific assignments will be expected to help with the editing process.

Sherman Clarke will be the liaison between SAC and CC:DA metadata committees.

Lynne Howarth will report continuing problems with TF list to the list manager. Sherry will send out an announcement before posting messages. [Looks like I will not need to do the latter, thanks to Lynne's quick work.]

Final agenda item was a brief discussion of the agenda for the combined MARBI/CC:DA TF meeting scheduled for Sunday morning, 1/11. Clarifying task force administrative details, developing a charge and recommending some action items including designation of liaisons to major metadata communities was to be the chief order of business.

S. Kelley