Task Force on Metadata
Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA)
(Saturday, 10 January 1998, p.m.; Sunday, 11 January 1998, a.m.)

The task force will emphasize the TEI header and Dublin Core as schemes for metadata. Subgroups will evaluate the metadata as a source for AACR2 cataloging records, i.e. does the core set of data elements match the PCC-developed core for computer file core records, do the elements meet AACR2 requirements for chief source or secondary source, do proper names conform to AACR2, are subject schema used (admittedly, not within the purview of CC:DA but of interest), would the metadata be interoperable in a library catalog with traditional library cataloging. They will also determine if specific rule revisions or LC rule interpretations would aid in the use of metadata for cataloging purposes. They will also look at the crosswalks.

In addition to the work on TEI and DC, summaries will be written for the group's final report on several other metadata schemes, including VRA, GILS, EAD, FGDC. The summaries will include some background on the community developing and using the metadata, a description of the data element set, sample records, citations for more information, and attention to the TEI/DC questions as appropriate and possible. These reports will be due at the end of February.

This task force has been at work for more than a year. At Annual 1997, it was determined that CC:DA and MARBI should have a joint task force. Given the administrative work, it was determined that, instead, several (more) MARBItes would be added to the existing task force.

The "joint" task force had a meeting on Sunday morning to discuss the draft charge written by Sherry Kelley, chair of the CC:DA task force. The group will principally concern itself with analyzing and documenting the impact of metadata schemes on well-established library standards like AACR2 and USMARC, including how the schemes map between each other and to the established standards. CIMI was added to the list of "other" schemes to be studied.

University of Washington catalogers are experimenting with metadata by adding it to their web pages.

Some of the existing implementations include a Nordic MARC conversion project, the University of Virginia's pearl script to MARC conversion, a German education site (registry), and Bill Mullen is finishing a dissertation this summer. Mullen is affiliated with CIMI and GILS.

Diane Hillmann (Cornell) will establish a list for the group. It will start as unmediated, with subscription through listowner. The group will start with a two-year lifespan. A program placeholder will be done for some conference, some time, even though it is assumed that it will evolve. And, most importantly, the group discussed its acronym, settling on MetaMARDA (from metadata, MARBI and CC:DA; capitalization and punctuation uncertain). Metadata R Us was rejected.