2004 Annual Conference
Monday Night Events

Monday Night events listed at the bottom of this webpage are ready for pre-registration. We suggest that you read this whole template to get the overall idea of this fun evening in New York City. Those wishing to pre-register for one of the events should contact Emily Roth or Sherman Clarke, coordinators. There will a sign-up notebook at the registration desk during the conference. Pre-registrants for an event will be indicated on sign-up sheets in the notebook, and additional registrants will be allowed up to the capacity of the event.

Title/short description: The title is the neighborhood(s) and/or a major destination.

Host(s): Your host(s) will know the itinerary and will try to keep the event on target for duration and rigor.

Attire: Casual and comfortable. The itinerary should give you some idea of what casual means in a particular context but please ask if you would like advice. In all cases, wear shoes that you can stand to wear for several hours while doing a variety of things.

Strenuousness: New York is a walker’s and public transit city, at least for those on a librarian’s salary. Your host(s) will try to set a pace that will be comfortable for the whole group. Subway rides usually involve walking down and up at least one flight of stairs. If walking is a problem for you, we will try to find a way that you could participate without strenuous walking (e.g. cab or public transit for part of the distance). Most of the events could be enjoyed in part, and your host(s) will be able to give you directions on getting home at the point you wish to break from the fuller itinerary.

Food: Most of the events include a supper stop. If there is no “formal” supper stop, suggestions for grazing or street food will be given by your host(s).

Cost: Cost is approximate. Plan on having the estimated amount in cash, plus some, especially if you have a big appetite or will order an alcoholic beverage at supper. The host(s) will try to get separate checks, and receipts, at supper. Subway rides are $2 each but unlimited MetroCards are recommended if there will be more than 3 rides; actually we recommend getting a weekly MetroCard for the duration of the conference (weekly MetroCard costs $21, a daily MetroCard is $7). Returning by taxi is possible but will increase the cost; the host will be able to suggest how much a cab would cost.

Duration: Most events will begin at the hotel/registration area promptly at 7 p.m. Variations from that will be mentioned under “duration” in any particular event. Please try to arrive 10 minutes before scheduled departure from the hotel. Your host(s) will be in the registration area before the starting time to help with logistics.

Insurance waiver: Since the events are casual and personal, and diverse, ARLIS/NA cannot assume legal responsibility. We will each fill out an insurance waiver before departing. Each of the hosts will be sure that we are each as safe as we would be going about our daily life.

Proposed itinerary: The itinerary will be a listing of the anticipated sequence of events. Portions of some events are quite predictable, while neighborhood walks and similar may change as the group proceeds.


Coordinated by Emily Roth and Sherman Clarke

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