ARLIS/NA - San Antonio - April 1997 Agenda for CPDG in San Antonio (Sunday, 6 April 1997, 2 p.m.)

* reports from ALA
- Toronto conference (, harmonization of AACR2 and German and Russian rules, AACR2-e, CPSO on web, named conferences
CC:DA TF on Metadata - mapping, etc. (
MARBI - subentity coding, USMARC/CanMARC harmonization continues, 655 $5, LCCN going to four digits in 2000 (MARC at
SGML DTD for MARC (available on LC web at
LC sending out RFC, then RFP for integrated system (implementation in late 1999)
SAC is discussing IFLA document on principles underlying subject heading languages

* report from VRA
core categories (
RLG testbed (multi-institutional)
Linda McRae and Lynda White are compiling Art/MARC sourcebook to be published by ALA in 1997

* new edition of N schedule - tables have changed numbers (e.g. old Table IV is now Table V; museum breakdown table is at the back with number)

* demonstration of OCLC macro for NACO record creation

* suggested topics for open discussion:
* online shelflisting
* cataloging CD-ROMs