Cataloging Problems Discussion Group
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, 2022 (held online, 22 March 2022)

Review of the year as discussion starter:

Form/genre terms: Cleveland Museum uses LCGFT, mostly for exhibition catalogs, artist books, and photobooks; MoMA uses mostly for photobooks; Princeton uses LCGFT as "first choice" for GF but also uses RBMS and AAT when appropriate; Clark Art Institute uses AAT as first choice; Met/Watson deletes 655 for Exhibition catalogs as too much noise in the catalog

Illegal aliens headings: strong concern about continued presence of "illegal" in the official replacement terminology; Clark Art still using undomented immigrants (typcially rogue); Met used Backstage Library Works to insert local headings in authority 150 and keep LCSH in 450, local terms don't match replacement LCSH terminology; concern about split heading and how it fits in catalog (OCLC added both headings to most records except those dealing with a class of persons)

Updates to LCSH from approved lists:

Risographs: Met/Watson had proposed for LCGFT, not accepted but can be resubmitted, needed to justify using brand name; Melanie Polutta (LC policy specialist) described how the proposal could be strengthened in response to editorial concern; Met will work with others on revised LCSH proposal. MIAD got books recently with LCSH Prints--Techniques and Copying processes which were unsatisfying.
Risographs (TM) recently added to AAT but for the machine, not the prints.

Alma and other systems:
MARC-to-Alma search indexes (recommended):
Otis Art Institute is going to implement FOLIO:

Wikidata discussion group that grew out of 2021 workshop:

Notes compiled by Sherman Clarke

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