ARLIS/NA Cataloging Problems Discussion Group
Review of the year in art cataloging, 2021-2022
(compiled for potential discussion at Chicago 2022 annual conference of ARLIS/NA)



* A new PCC policy on compilations of works by one agent was launched in April 2021. The Alternative in RDA will not be applied to partial compilations of single forms by one agent or partial compilations of multiple forms by one agent. Practically speaking, this means that you will not do uniform titles like "Paintings. Selections" under an artist's name, either as main or added entry.

* Both Instagram (Firm) and Instagram (Electronic resource) appear in NAF. Same for Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. And if I hadn't looked at the record for Google, I wouldn't have known it is the second incarnation of a search engine known as BackRub. What if?

* The moratorium on LCDGT (demographic group terms vocabulary) has been lifted and new terms may be proposed. The manual has also been updated.

* BIBFRAME development includes a BF Hub which will serve as the center point for the Work, Instance, and Item. This is related to the MARC message about LC being reluctant to expand LC/NAF authority records for Works and Expressions to include subject headings. In BF, the subject headings would be on the Hub record.


* LCSH headings for Illegal aliens have been revised to Noncitizens and Illegal immigration. OCLC has revised tens of thousands of WorldCat bib records. The default revision is to add both headings with any subdivisions; headings for classes of persons would only get Noncitizens.

* CAC has posted a form for suggestions of outdated and/or offensive subject headings that could/should be revised.

* We have been reviewing the LCSH Tentative Lists and submitting comments via the SAC liaison. We noted a proposal for Museology with a reference from Museum studies, with the latter form seeming preferable. The LC editorial process flipped the 150 and 450 and the approved heading is Museum studies (LCCN sh2021008605)

* On the authority record for a work inspired by Guernica, you could add a 500 with $w r $i Inspired by (work): $a Picasso, Pablo, $d1881-1973. $t Guernica (LCCN no2018075017)

* Artistic photography was added to SHM H1250 so it is chronologically divided like Painting, Drawing, and other art forms. See also H1255.

* AAT now has DEI as a provisional heading, rather than the spelled-out form. Interesting how "DEI" seems more inclusive than "Diversitiy, equity, and inclusion."

* The BIBFRAME Update (link in ALA reports above) included a demonstration of building subject strings in BF. The full subject string often does not have an authority record since it may include an authorized topic with various subdivisions determined by policy and/or practice. The BF Editor works a little like predictive text and controlling a heading in OCLC. BF remembers previous occurrences of strings that are in the database (or that's how I understood the demonstration).

* Memo H1334 in the Subject headings manual says that you should not use Mansions as the BT on a record for an individual building because it is ambiguous. You should use Dwellings instead. It makes sense to follow that advice quite broadly. Many a "palazzo" in Italy is better served by BT Dwellings or Public buildings than by Palaces.


* Numerous Alma libraries are using normalization rules to compensate for outdated and/or offensive subject headings. Some libraries are using authority processing to revise headings. CAC will be looking at how these actions may interact.


* "The reclassification of non-Western art at UCL Library" by Thomas Meehan.

* Classification numbers in field 053 of an authority record are used in info boxes for literary authors in Cornell's discovery interface (Blacklight), leading the user to a shelf browse from the longer version of the "author info" page. The info box also takes information from Wikidata.


* Field 034 was expanded to allow for coding the geographic coordinates of an object depicted in an image.

* LC will implement field 688 (history note) on LCSH, LCGFT, LCDGT, LCMPT, and CYAC records. They will be generated by the proposal system and will indicate when a record was entered or revised.

* ARLIS/NA x Wikidata ongoing discussion. This grew out of the 2021 Wikidata workshop. Monthly discussion calls.

* The BIBFRAME Editor at LC has been named MARVA, in honor of Henriette Avram, the "mother of MARC." MARVA is her surname spelled backwards.

Notes compiled by Sherman Clarke

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