Art Libraries Society of North America
Annual Conference, Houston, 2005
Cataloging Problems Discussion Group

Review of cataloging issues, 2004/2005

CPDG will meet on Tuesday morning at 8. The discussion will be open, but following is an overview of issues that have come across the list or appeared in other venues over the past year.

* AACR3 - draft of part one released before ALA Midwinter in January 2005 - JSC meets in April - cf - summary of the issues to be presented by Kay Teel (incoming chair of CAC) at Cataloging Section business meeting

* ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee Task Force on Named Buildings and Other Structures - issued its final report - cf [will be posted but is not yet at SAC site] - this long-standing issue in art cataloging continues to challenge us and we are thinking of proposing an occasional publication on the topic (potential contents: SAC report and appendix of examples, building type studies by task force members, report from ARTstor by Emerson Morgan) - the Task Force recommended the investigation of a SACO funnel for building names and/or art in general (Judiaca SACO Funnel just announced, coordinated by Heidi Lerner, coordinator of NACO Hebraica Funnel) - compatriots in historical circles and fictional characters - cf

* SACOLIST includes reports from weekly LCSH editorial meetings and can be a good source for learning about subject heading construction, e.g. references from “Elderly automobile drivers” and “Senior automobile drivers” to “Older automobile drivers” rejected because general references from Elderly and Senior to Older takes care of the referencing from other terms with those beginning words (SCM:SH H 373, sect. 3); proposal for “Art, Greek -- Oriental influences” was changed by LC to “Art, Greek -- Asian influences”; TR680.S66 rejected for portraits of Sri Lankans (should use TR680 for people from a place); “Trigger (Fictitious character)” was rejected because we have “Trigger (Horse)” and according to LC, there was only one Trigger, the real horse

* SACO proposals should be as succinct as possible - if using web resources, do not just copy long explanations (not only is it unhelpful, but it might break the web form)

* MARBI considered a discussion paper on “subject access to images” (compiled by Liz O’Keefe) - cf

* LC has introduced a new area for NAF/SAF controversy with a proposal for agencies in charge of government parks and agencies cf

* “Ex chiesa ...” - if the function of a church or other building has been changed and the name is given as “Ex chiesa ...” or “Ex conservatorio ...,” is it appropriate to use that for the heading? NAF or SAF?

* several “Netherlandish” subject headings, e.g. Drawing, Netherlandish; Art, Netherlandish, have been established (thanks to Eric Wolf) - not only that, LC now has several dozen records under “Painting, Netherlandish ...”

* “Public sculpture” should be considered a fine art heading and divide according to the pattern in H 1250

* scope notes were added to “Installations (Art)” and “Site-specific installations (Art)” - has this made it easier to apply and distinguish these headings?

* should manuscript groups, e.g. Borgia pre-Columbian mss, get a subject heading?

* NH classification schedule for artistic photography - revised edition (2004) published by ARLIS/NA and posted on website -

* Cataloguing cultural objects - moving to publication by ALA in early 2006 - cf

* Cataloging Advisory Committee - 2005/2006 topics: exhibition catalog guidelines, anonymous artist qualifier list almost ready for prime time

* RLIN for Windows migrated to RLIN21 on March 1st and has been relatively unstable since

* instructions for Corpus vasorum antiquorum appear in CSB 121 (spring 1977)

* LC is using a bibliographic maintenance program, developed in conjunction with OCLC - fixes “simple” maintenance when a 4XX on the authority record was the 1XX - lessens the need for NACO libraries reporting maintenance (bfm) and improves the LC catalog for all of us users


Authority control in organizing and accessing information: definition and international experience. Arlene G. Taylor and Barbara Tillett, editors. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Information Press, 2004. Also published as Cataloging & classification quarterly, v. 38, no. 3/4 and v. 39, no. 1/2

Good practice guide for developers of cultural heritage web services -

Compiled by Sherman Clarke
NYU Libraries

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