Cataloging Problems Discussion Group
ARLIS/NA annual conference, Los Angeles, Calif.
Saturday, 31 March 2001, 4:30-6 p.m.

The recently-implemented revisions in art subject headings are likely to dominate the CPDG in Los Angeles. Further information can be found on

Other topics which were discussed on ARLIS-L or in other cataloging circles since the last annual conference are listed below. The Cataloging Advisory Committee will be discussing a new draft of the proposal for building names in the Name Authority File. Activities of ALA or other associations may be summarized.

The primary purpose of CPDG however is to allow catalogers to discuss specific issues about art cataloging. All are invited to attend and to ask a question about a cataloging problem they encountered in the last year.

Possible discussion topics:

* local art cataloging groups in southern California, NYC and DC/MD/VA

* buildings (CAC)

* "in" analytics and collection-level records

* unnamed works of art (cf CDG paper)

* "rule of three" option (ACOC proposal)

* $j - anybody done one? any problems with author/title?

* class by artist or media came up on list

* the LC bicentennial conference on bibliographic control in the new millennium, series authority record as bib control (LC paper for CC:DA), etc. from ALA

* 21st century

* guidelines for submitting NACO proposals to Art NACO

* NACO records in save status

* Vasari's Vite - is there a place for uniform title for a work in more than one edition?

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