Cataloging Problems Discussion Group - Sunday, Mar. 19, 2000 at 4 p.m.
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sherman Clarke, Moderator

SC: Big news about the new subfield j to express the relationship of unknown to known artist. Art Naco was not given a slot this year, we could talk about NACO stuff.

DS [Daniel Starr]: CAC Report: What the committee does. I'm the chairperson. (Here he lists committee make-up).We did respond to LC's proposed revisions in art cataloging. Liz O'Keefe's MARBI proposal approved (above). In the next few months, work in process on: moving headings for buildings from SAF to NAF; a core-level record for cataloging exhibition catalogs; suggested list of terms for $j field; work on how to handle artistic duos - personal names or corporate bodies?

SC: Hope that at next conference CPDG can take place before CAC and Cataloging Section meetings?

SC: Does anyone want to talk about proposed LC revisions in cataloging art materials and catalog maintenance issues? (little response?) Basically bringing art heading order into line with other subjects.

XX: Does anyone know when LC will act on the proposed revisions?

Trudi Olivetti: LC just finished accepting responses through February, will start reviewing response now. How do other people treat cataloging copy? At NGA same catalogers work on original and copy cataloging. Do you have a problem with the 696 headings we still put in some records? Is everyone else moving toward standard cataloging practice (fewer local practices used)?

Heidi Hass: PML got rid of most local practices. All their work gets proofed/revised by another cataloger.

DS: Local practices have faded at MOMA. He sees NACO and SACO as a better use of catalogers' time now that local customizing is fading away. We used to use Painting, American $y 20th century locally, and now we'll have to resume doing it as standard practice.

Univ.Pitt.: They work in a real production-line mode. Para-professionals do original cataloging, accept anything with LC headings and class numbers. Zero tolerance for backlog.

XX: Year time-lag for exporting records back to RLIN.

VB [Vicky Bohm] (Watson): Just starting the practice of exporting records to RLIN. Still using some local headings, some dictated by tradition, some by curatorial depts.

PB [Penny Baker] (Clark Inst.): We had a big backlog. On July 1, 1999 they began to accept LC headings rather than convert all to their local variety. Opac searches now produce confusing results. Massive database cleanup needed now.

CP [Carol Pardo] (Avery): Current practice is for paras to work on standard copy. They are part of BIBCO. don't strip info from vendor records (?)

SC: NYU hasn't uploaded records to RLIN since August. Copy catalogers vary as far as how they scrutinize/change standard copy. We've had a problem in our GEAC system that treats 650 0 and 650 4 differently and duplicate headings are the result.

R. Preda (Frick) We have cards with local headings on them. Should we tell recon vendor to code them 690 or 650 _4?

SC: Contact vendor who'll be doing your authority run to see which they prefer (?) and act accordingly.

HH (Morgan): Whatever you decide there'll be lots of database cleanup. Example of 2 Thomas Jefferson's being created in their catalog.

VB (Watson): III system flips headings.

SC: You can tell III system whether you want headings rotated.

JW [Julia Wisniewski] (Univ. of Md.): A real problem is the lack of access to LC's authority file since they've migrated to new ILS, Endeavor. Forced to use RLIN or OCLC and pay. LC promises to be accessible by the end of the year.

SC: LC is working on this problem. Another problem is that 50% of LC catalogers could take retirement incentives and retire by 2002! Worrisome.

AC [Alexis Curry]: (LACMA) Are there lots of conferences being mistagged as 110 corporate bodies?

SC: (Little response from crowd). Post wrong ones to ARLIS-L as you find them.

XX: In a RLIN cluster prefer MAHG record to MAHA record.

XX: How do people treat annual reports? Temptation is not to give them the attention one gives other serials as they change name and fold into other museum publications.

ER [Elizabeth Robinson] (Huntington): Asks for show of hands as to how many people use SCIPIO and how many catalog in SCIPIO or use records from RLIN BKS file? Also, do people treat dealer catalogs as serials or monographs?

Lucia Maziar (Boston Arch. Center): New cataloger. Should I go to ARLIS or ALA?

HH (Morgan): Sees some practical merit in going to ALA - you see the nuts and bolts of committee work, decision-making. Nelinet (?), Autocat and Catalogers Toolbox can be helpful. University libraries with large cataloging departments often have good documentation on their web sites.

Liz O'K (Morgan): How do people catalog offprints. PMG worked theirs out with Goldwater Library? Using a 687 field? National guidelines for analytics are available.

Carol P (Avery):Perhaps a "Guide to best practice" is needed for offprints.

Kathryn Phillips (Freer/Sackler): Would like to join SCIPIO but major drawback is authority control.What happens if you send them to a vendor for authority checking?

XX : Getty has them in a separate database.

DS: We catalog auction catalogs in our local system as monographs (with a template). You must have an index to search by "date of sale."

XX: We use sale date as classification number.

XX: Are their printed rules regarding cataloging Slavic publications?
Group: Princeton's.

DS: John [Jan] Rietveld (Dutch) anecdotes laughable that we still have problems cataloging.

notes by Mark Bresnan, Frick
edited by Sherman Clarke