Guidelines for session recorders, 25th annual conference, 1997

The proceedings of the ARLIS/NA annual conference provide a record for those who are unable to attend a particular session and those who do not attend any of the conference, as well as to inform those who did attend the session but need to refer back to its content. A valuable summary of the content will provide both a sense of the session as well as record what might be more lasting information.

In order to expedite the compilation of the 1997 conference proceedings, as editor I request that recorders send me their finished notes during the month of April. The deadline is May 1st. It will greatly speed matters if your text is sent in machine-readable form. The preferred method is by email to In order to be sure that the text is what you want it to be, hard copy by mail is also requested. If you are sending the text only by mail, a formatted disk (3 1/2 inch) accompanied by a printout is requested. My preferred word processing program is ClarisWorks 4.0 for Macintosh but I will try to accommodate those who cannot send a disk for Macintosh.

The plainer your text the better it will transfer via email. If you would like to see what the proceedings from Miami Beach look like, they are available on the society home page at If you are able to do HTML markup and have a place on a home page, you may provide your session record in that manner (send me a message with the URL and also mail hard copy for verification). I will probably copy and paste your minutes from your source to the ARLIS/NA page.

On or about May 1st, I will start harassing those who have not sent in their report. While the session moderators or coordinators are usually not the authors, they are responsible to see that the recorder does the report.

Thank you to the session moderators and recorders for their efforts. A timely response from you all will make the compilation process a lot easier.

After the proceedings have been compiled, they will be available in hard copy on request from headquarters as well as on the society home page.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Sherman Clarke
Bobst Library - Cataloging
New York University Libraries
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012
fax 212-995-4366

30 March 1997
(rev. 22 Sept. 1999)