Still codeless after all these years:
the history and possible future of subject cataloging in the field of art

A panel at the 28th Annual Conference of the
Art Libraries Society of North America, Pittsburgh, March 2000

Moderated by Alison Dickey,
Assistant Dean, Palmer School of Library and Information Science,
Long Island University


Joseph Miller, Editor, Sears List of Subject Headings, H.W. Wilson Company
"An overview of subject cataloging and the absence of a code"

Trudi Olivetti, Senior Cataloger, National Gallery of Art
"1000 words: subject cataloging for the fine arts"

Julia Wisniewski, Art Monographs Cataloger, University of Maryland Libraries
"Every good path: proposing subject headings via cowpath or interstate"

Sherman Clarke, Head of Original Cataloging, New York University
"Cataloging works of art with the web in mind"

Please note that the versions here are for presentation to a conference audience.