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Reports from cataloging, etc. meetings

Annual 2022, Washington, D.C. Midwinter 2022, virtual again Annual 2021, virtual due to coronavirus pandemic Midwinter 2021, [Indianapolis, Ind.] virtual due to coronavirus pandemic Annual 2020, [Chicago, Ill.] virtual due to coronavirus pandemic Midwinter 2020, Philadelphia, Pa. Annual 2019, Washington, D.C. Midwinter 2019, Seattle, Wash. Annual 2018, New Orleans, La. Midwinter 2018, Denver, Colo.
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Annual 2017, Chicago, Ill. Midwinter 2017, Atlanta, Ga. Annual 2016, Orlando, Fla. Midwinter 2016, Boston, Mass. Annual 2015, San Francisco, Calif. Midwinter 2015, Chicago, Ill. Annual 2014, Las Vegas, Nev. Midwinter 2014, Philadelphia, Pa. Annual 2013, Chicago, Ill. Midwinter 2013, Seattle, Wash. Annual 2012, Anaheim, Calif. Midwinter 2012, Dallas, Tex. Annual 2011, New Orleans, La. Midwinter 2011, San Diego, Calif. Annual 2010, Washington, D.C. Midwinter 2010, Boston, Mass. Annual 2009, Chicago, Ill. Midwinter 2009, Denver, Colo. Annual 2008, Anaheim, Calif. Midwinter 2008, Philadelphia, Pa. Annual 2007, Washington, D.C. Midwinter 2007, Seattle, Wash. Annual 2006, New Orleans, La. Midwinter 2006, San Antonio, Tex. Annual 2005, Chicago, Ill. Midwinter 2005, Boston, Mass. Annual 2004, Orlando, Fla. Midwinter 2004, San Diego, Calif. Annual 2003, Toronto, Ont. Midwinter 2003, Philadelphia, Pa. Annual 2002, Atlanta, Ga. Midwinter 2002, New Orleans, La. Annual 2001, San Francisco, Calif. Midwinter 2001, Washington, D.C. Annual 2000, Chicago, Ill. Midwinter 2000, San Antonio, Tex. Annual 1999, New Orleans, La. Midwinter 1999, Philadelphia, Pa. Annual 1998, Washington, D.C. Midwinter 1998, New Orleans, La. Annual 1997, San Francisco, Calif.

Compiled by Sherman Clarke
Reports written by SC unless otherwise indicated

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