ALA Core Metadata and Collections Section
Subject Analysis Committee
ALA Midwinter (virtual), January 2022

* SAC added a public community page for documents. No login or ALA membership required. (At the moment, I'm only seeing four documents but I think the SAC chairs were going to upload all of the Midwinter reports.)

* Jsnis Young is no longer in the LC Policy, Training, and Cooperative Programs Division. She has transferred to the U.S./Anglo Division. Paul Frank is the new liaison from PTCP to SAC. Veronica Ranieri is the new SACO liaison to SAC. PTCP is becoming less siloed with policy experts working across topics.

* The LCDGT moratorium has been lifted. There is an advisory group chaired by Veronica Ranieri, with members from LC and from other institutions.

* The Metadata Guidance Documents (MGD) to RDA will not be in the RDA Toolkit. LC is working on a training program for the new RDA. Implementation is still scheduled for no earlier than October 2022.

* LC continues to ramp up BIBFRAME production. Their BF Editor has been named MARVA (for Henriette Avram, the mother of MARC). One of the sticky things they are working on is subject strings. At the BF Update later in January, they demonstrated how you can build subject strings. It does not result in authority records but BF remembers the string. I think it is more like predictive text.

* Library and Archives Canada continues to revise their headings for First Nations, indigenous, and M├ętis matters.

* The MARC Advisory Committee had a discussion paper relating to adding subject relationships to authority records for works and expressions. There was mixed/limited support on MAC. LC indicated that it was contrary to how their BF development was proceeding and that they would not implement subject headings on name authority records.

* The RBMS Controlled Vocabulary Editorial Group is working on integrating their vocabularies and enabling linked data. General terms that are available in other vocabularies will not be added unless there is a specific need for rare materials cataloging.

* OCLC has changed tens of thousands of records that had Illegal aliens. Approximately18K records were changed to Illegal immigration and 23K to Noncitizens. The revision algorithm added both headings with exceptions such as only adding Noncitizens for topics relating to classes of persons.

* MLA is going to have a hybrid conference. Their timing was somewhat before the ARLIS/NA dates.

* The FAST SACO funnel is working on a quick start guide.

* The LC Children's and Young Adults Cataloging (CYAC) Program has started creating and distributing policy and procedure documents. C memos have been posted on toys, movables, comics, and characters.

* SAC is working with the Graphic Novels and Cataloging Round Table (GNCRT) on best practices which would expand genre coverage beyond what is called for in SHM H1430. LC does not currently allow genre headings for fictional graphic novels and comic books. This expansion is somewhat parallel to the work on genre terms for print fiction that resulted in GSAFD.

* Christina Peter and Robert Rendall are new members of the SAC Subcommittee of Faceted Vocabularies.

* The SAC working group on Illegal aliens was discharged with the idea of a clearinghouse for problematic headings left open. There is still work to be done but with changed headings for Illegal aliens this phase is largely completed.

* SAC has been actively involved in reviewing LCSH Tentative Lists. LC appreciates the comments, even the small editorial comments (typos, format, etc.).

* SAC recognizes the value of virtual participation in its deliberations. It is likely that some sort of virtual component to SAC meetings will continue for some time.

* The SAC Subcommittee on Faceted Vocabularies has released its summary report on Retrospective implementation of Library of Congress Faceted Vocabularies: best practices for librarians and programmers. There are still SSFV working groups on various aspects, i.e., chronological, genre/form, demographic/geographic.

Notes compiled by Sherman Clarke
ARLIS/NA liaison to SAC

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