Gleanings from the Subject Analysis Committee meetings
Midwinter 2021 - virtual meetings - 26 February and 19 March 2021

* Getty Vocabulary Program and OCLC are appointing liaisons to SAC.

* NACO Lite has been accepted for basic name records, more along the lines of identity management. Google "naco lite" and find plenty of relevant presentations and other hits. Janis Young (LC) was asked about SACO Lite and she said that she does not anticipate the possibility. Editorial process and literary warrant.

* Robert Bremer (OCLC) said that FAST is going to code events as X11. They are also working on headings for named chronological periods such as Colonial period.

* Jonathan Ward (Getty) said the Built Works Registry is being absorbed into the Getty vocabularies: names into ULAN, places into TGN, works into CONA.

* FAST is setting up a SACO funnel.

* The Children's and Young Adults' Cataloging Program (CYAC) at LC still uses a card file for subject terminology.

* ALA Connect does not allow viewing of SAC documents without signing in and SAC folks wish it was more open.

* Work continues on the suite of subject headings around "Illegal aliens." Primo users are widely using normalization rules to display alternative terms. Marcive can add parallel subject fields to client records when doing authority processing. Library and Archives Canada is doing significant revision of headings relating to First Nations, Indigenous peoples, and Metis.

Notes compiled by Sherman Clarke
ARLIS/NA liaison to SAC

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