ALA Midwinter, Virtual, January-February 2021

PCC Virtual Meeting, held on Zoom, 19 February 2021 (recorded)

RDA Update (Judith Cannan): LC is working on Policy Statements (hope to have them ready by fall 2021); necessary in order to set implementation timeline; working with PCC; no training for testers to determine if training materials are effective; Judith asked that questions not be sent to Policy Division staff for a couple months since they are doing intensive work on PS but NACO NAR deletion and BFM can be sent as usual

Emerging thoughts on LCSH (Judith Cannan): ideas being floated, not ready for publication; thought piece.

1) LCSH is a standard, started in 1898 by LC for LC; it has grown over the years and now much broader than LC collection via SACO contributions; patterns and conventions; SHM as well as LCSH maintained and revised by LC Editorial process; current model is unsustainable; should there be an editorial advisory committee?

2) current model is built on literary warrant for heading in published resources; should the concept of warrant be expanded to newspapers, TV, magazines?; [social media, for heaven's sake]; recent discussions on Charlottesville riot; what about Capitol storming?; early selection of form of heading might not have duration of a term that comes from published material (increased revision and maintenance)

3) deprecation of headings: language is part of history and some language becomes uncomfortable or offensive as well as outdated; for example, "Indian removal"; consequences of changing language and possible coexistence of old and new terms, perhaps with "(used [date] to [date])" after old heading and "(used since [date])" on current form of heading (this, rather than current practice of used-for references from deprecated forms); another method would be simple see-also references between various historical forms of a heading [SC comment: would old and new forms have full reference structure or would old form be heading only?]

4) precoordination: last study of pre- vs postcoordination was a 2007 report by Cataloging Policy and Support Office:
searching has changed since the report; faceting, discovery interfaces, relevance ranking
[You can imagine the excitement and questions in the chat box.]

PCC strategic directions plan is being extended for another year to the end of 2022 with the addition of a new direction focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Stressing the importance of partnerships and outreach, and expanding the membership of PCC groups as well as metadata considerations. [reivsed version not yet posted but google "pcc strategic directions"]

Big Heads (Jennifer Baxmeyer): meeting had not happened yet; scheduled for February 26, 2021, 2-3:30 pm ET; agenda includes report on the Columbia Rare Books and Manuscripts project that found over 1200 women identified in finding aids only by their husband's name.

Panel: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the PCC -- a Conversation
Opening remarks by Amber Billey, Violet Fox, and Tina Gross addressing: pressing issues in PCC work; everyday challenges and dilemmas; where should PCC go from here?

Amber Billey: gender in authority records; BIBFRAME and RDA as energy wasters of a whole generation of catalogers; we're still using MARC; need for OPEN tools that would facilitate cooperation;; need to go beyond LC when necessary

Violet Fox: working as Wikimedian at UNLV Special Collections; created The Cataloging Lab which works to expedite NACO, SACO, and other work to fix headings that are not established, outdated, offensive, uncomfortable, etc.; focus on identity management and disambiguation; RDA and new fields for attributes can be a privacy intrusion

Tina Gross: working within LC and local changes; should be considered complementary rather than opposition; PCC should support both; the work is never done; collective responsibility; does new Core division which combines technical services with managers give TS more clout with managers?

Q&A: cost of OCLC and other tools (paying for our own cataloging); need publicity of PCC work on offensive headings and NACO; need to be out there and available; communication; alternate vocabularies like FAST (Billey deletes FAST headings because they are confusing in her discovery interface; [SUNY shared catalog uses the OCLC master record for bib purposes so any local deletion would get overridden though PRIMO enables some normalization that can display preferred terminology even though bib record isn't changed from OCLC version]; importance of user experience; are PCC and Core redundant? should we use Core more? [SC comment: LC serves as PCC secretariat and provides enormous service that wouldn't happen at ALA or any other professional association]; some terms don't have consensus on alternative terminology

[report by Sherman Clarke:]

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