American Library Association
Midwinter Meeting (2020 January : Philadelphia, Pa.)
Gleanings from various cataloging meetings

Subject Analysis Committee

LC sent out an RFI for its next-generation ILS last October. Responses have been received and are being analyzed. They have loaded 70K records from various metadata resources into the LC ILS. Seven thousand headings were added to LCSH during FY19; the number is fairly high mostly because of the multiples cancellation project.
The heading for Kyïv, Ukraine, has been changed, parallel with the change from the Bureau of Geographic Names. The old form was Kiev, Ukraine.

In new LC subject proposals and headings, LCCNs should be entered in 670 $w rather than in the basic information of $a. Proposals from SACO libraries may use a local control number as appropriate for the "work cat." 670.

LC and PCC are working on Policy Statements for the new version of RDA. In January 2020, it was projected that the new RDA Toolkit would be released at the end of 2020. I have not heard if or how the coronavirus pandemic will delay that release.

The Working Group on "illegal aliens" submitted a report and the chair (Violet Fox) will be talking to the ALCTS board on how to promulgate it. A website for LCSH workarounds is under development.

SAC has added a liaison from Library and Archives Canada and it is projected that OLAC will also add an official representative.

Some issues for potential discussion in the future: "foreign speakers" in LCSH (LAC uses "second-language learners"); free-floating subdivisions and linking; "[Topic] -- Fiction" vs "[Topic] fiction" and $e setting; ethical cataloging.

Annie Wolfe from the LAC Heritage Branch discussed Canadian Subject Headings. CSH has been maintained within WorldShare Management Services since April 2019. They have been reviewing headings that deal with indigenous peoples.

SAC plans to do more active and collective review of LCSH Tentative Lists, via email discussion. Liaisons were invited to use SAC list for gathering comments on such matters as new Dewey exhibits. It was planned that Danny Joudrey would present on about-ness at ALA Annual in June 2020 but that conference has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The SAC Subcommittee on Faceted Vocabularies has subgroups working on chronological terms, demonyms, and geography, as well as implementation of genre/form terms (particularly retrospective). The demonym group has been discussing terms for people from a place (how local, for example) and issues of consent and privacy (only what author reveals, everything you can find), as well as how to promulgate. That is, should these be best practices or recommendations for what to consider, more FAQ-like?

OCLC Expert Cataloging Community Meeting
OCLC has a Mellon grant to develop an Entity Management Infrastructure. They will start with Work and Person. OCLC Work will look more like BIBFRAME Work than FRBR/LRM Work. A critical issue is determining entity quality or coding it. It was anticipated that the Expert Cataloging session would expand for ALA Annual. OCLC Macrobook is part of the Connexion client download; it includes Generate Authority Record and ISBD punctuation add/remove. AAT is now available for searching in Record Manager. OCLC is planning on adding cyrillic script versions of fields in records without the vernacular. They expect about two-thirds to convert well by program. Records with an equal sign in 245 or multiple languages in 041 will be excluded. AskQC is held on the first Tuesday morning of the month and the second Thursday afternoon. No end-of-life date has been determined for Connexion; Record Manager has some effect on Connexion but not fatal. OCLC members are being trained for record merging. OCLC has not yet talked about RDA application profiles.

OCLC Linked Data Round Table
Presentations from Nathan Putnam (OCLC) on the Entity Management Infrastructure, Sarah Horowitz (Haverford) on Beyond Penn's Treaty, Honor Moody (Harvard) on LD4 Wikidata Affiinity Group, and Kevin Ford (LC) on BIBFRAME.

Authority Control Interest Group
Janis Young did an LC Update. Anita Kazmierczak (Tulane) gave a talk on traditional vs modern headings in LCSH, i.e., how to revise terminology that is outdated or incorrect, or just plain missing. Issues: local terms; unexamined assumptions; alternative thesauri; words themself and how presented; hybrid terms; miscegenation; headings with "for women" and plain headings then assumes men or everybody, same for Christian, western, white, heteronormative, etc privilege; literary warrant and how books present their topic.

MARC Advisory Committee
Agenda and papers:
2020-01 (human-generated content): accepted with changes, "human-generated" will probably become "not machine generated"
2020-02 (standard number for former/current frequency): much discussion and then approval
2020-DP01 (856 modernization or replacement): plenty of discussion and OCLC will probably come back with another discussion paper, maybe keep 856 pretty much as is and define new field (857?) to reflect current needs for electronic location and access
2020-DP02 ($0 in 504 and 525): seen more as BIBFRAME conversion issue than MARC issue
2020-DP03 (340 for illustrative and sound content): both seen as Work level information and 340 is Expression/Manifestation/Item description; PCC and RSC differ on where information should be; should $g for Color be moved to a new field if that happens?
2020-DP04 (subfields for aspect ratio and motion technique in 345): basic support and checking in with OLAC
2020-DP05 (reinstatement of 241 for transliterated title): LC wants to know if they can do totally vernacular record with 241 as only transliterated data; to come back as proposal
2020-DP06 (manifestation statements): to come back as proposal, perhaps with indicator for single subfield with flow of inforrmation from chief source or various subfields for parsed information
2020-DP07 (extension plan): coding for new RDA element for diachronic works (serials, multiparts, series, integrating resources) to enable statements about how the work will evolve

Report compiled by Sherman Clarke

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