Notes from SAC -- Midwinter 2019

LC (Janis Young): BIBFRAME pilot catalogers are still doing double/parallel cataloging; count of MLC records is way down in current year (Janis not sure why but MLC used to be a silo for exhibition catalogs); LCSH "Illegal aliens" still in limbo; new SHM memo will address multiples

Subcmte on Faceted Vocabularies (Casey Mullin): subgroup on video games (Rosemary Groenwald) has posted their genre/form terms and they have gotten 1000 hits on website with 200 hits on guidelines

Program: Jodi Williamschen (LC NetDev) spoke on intersection of subject headings and linked data; they plan to pull genre/form info from 007/008 to use in faceted search; they intend to work on geographic headings (subdivisions and headings) -- Richard Sapon-White (UOregon) spoke on improving subject access to resources on Oregon Indian tribes: headings for each tribe in LCSH/NAF; confederations; subtribes as bands; still 19 tribes that need to be established; found works on 13 of those tribes; bib maintenance and SH proposals (7 approved so far)

SACO: new funnel for Latin American and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Funnel (LIFA)

Dewey (Deborah Rose-Lefmann and Violet Fox): offensive and outdated terms removed from index (no reference if clearly offensive and included in standard reference works); trying to reduce Christianity footprint (assumption); DDC classification numbers added to WebDewey as needed, rather than quarterly updates

MARC Advisory Committee (Stephen Hearn): MARC DP03 discussion eliminated 653 for German system that used controlled terms but unidentified entity type (653 will stay uncontrolled though entity type may be known and Indicated) (653s used to appear on MLC; SUNY Alma implementation is deleting 653 from available fields)

PCC (Paul Frank): TF working on machine-supply of ISBD punctuation in Areas 1-8, not within access points

ALA Connect: it used to be easy to find reports and agendas but Connect has gone wonky, without stable and persistent URLs, need to be logged in for some things, searching awkward

NACO: participants need to input their own statistics in the PCC directory; LC Coop is no longer compiling them (they were a lot of work in Coop and NetDev even though they looked easy)

Sears subject headings: has been sold to Grey House Publishing by EBSCO; no relationship with SAC yet determined

Sherman Clarke
ARLIS/NA representative to SAC

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