American Library Association
Midwinter Meeting (2018 February 9-12 : Denver, Colo.)
Report on cataloging, etc. meetings

MARC Advisory Committee (Saturday a.m. and Sunday p.m.)
agenda, minutes, papers:

Proposal 2018-01 expanded 007 field positions for digital cartograpic materials and was approved.

Discussion Paper 2018-DP01 proposed defining $i in fields 600-630 to record relationships between works and subjects. There were a lot of comments before the meeting which can be read on the list archive for January and February 2018 at Some issues: subdivisions don't match the relationship (WEMI levels and relationships); RDA Appendix M more granular than LCSH subdivisions; bibliographic versus topical relationships; subject relationships should not be in 1XX or 7XX, belong in 6XX; desire to be entity-agnostic rather than focusing on description. One example was a catalogue raisonné of Vasil'yev Fyodor; is a catalogue raisonné of the person or the works? The topic will need more discussion (and another round of discussion paper?) before perhaps moving toward a proposal.

Discussion Paper 2018-DP02 would add subfield coding to 041 for accessibility information, i.e., language codes for accessible text, accessible audio, and accessible visual language. There was strong support for this and it will come back as a proposal.

Discussion Paper 2018-DP03 would add subfield $3 for materials specified in those 3XX fields that don't already have it. The paper was shifted to a proposal, the examples will be tightened and improved, and it was approved.

Discussion Paper 2018-DP04 dealt with multiscript records using codes from ISO 15924. The paper will come back with further examples and perhaps another code for field 066.

Discussion Paper 2018-DP05 dealt with adding institution level information to subject headings, a revision of 2017-DP05. German-language libraries use the same vocabulary in different ways so institution alone is not adequate to define who applied a subject heading. Option 2 using field 883 was preferred to option 1 using $5, mostly because existing uses of $5 are for local information rather than local application of standard vocabularies.

Discussion Paper 2018-DP06 dealt with versions of resources, e.g., preprint, postprint, publisher's version. Options were suggested for 008/24-27, 655, 562, and 250. Field 250 is probably preferred but is currently used for transcribed information and the version on electronic resources in German-language libraries is not transcribed but more of a controlled list. MLA is proposing to use two 250s for edition statement and musical presentation statement. The paper will probably come back as a proposal but it needs to restrict the content to controlled vocabulary or controlled list.

Subject Analysis Committee (Sunday a.m. and Monday p.m.)
agenda and reports:

Much of the SAC time was spent in listening to reports from representatives and liaisons. Some highlights:

The SAC program at the second meeting was a presentation by Diane Vizine-Goetz of OCLC Research on FAST and Wikipedia/Wikidata. FAST is working on automated techniques to match non-subdivided topical headings with Wikipedia article titles. Wikipedia infoboxes can be used to improve accuracy and efficiency. OCLC has not yet figured out how this will work for systematic updating.

OCLC Expert Cataloging Community Sharing Session (Friday a.m.)
OCLC held its first virtual AskQC office hours on 31 January 2018. They will have a brief presentation and then open questions on the last Wednesday of each month. The general email for asking bibliographic and cataloging questions is
OCLC is working with four libraries on merging master records and hope to expand the cohort. Casey Mullin of Western Washington University (and active music cataloger) will be working on master records for scores. Merge requests can be done via the error report form in Connexion.
FAST headings are updated and/or regenerated on a monthly basis. It is not necessary to delete FAST headings when updating the 6XX fields of a master record.
Subfield $0 (zero) has been validated for all MARC fields where it has been defined. It is significant for linked data. The $0 will disappear when a heading is controlled but the linked data connecting happens through the authority record.
Library and Archives Canada is working on a virtual Canadian catalog within WorldCat. It is called Voilà and is part of LAC's conversion to WorldShare Management Services.
Cutting from the web and pasting in Connexion may be problematic with non-latin characters, even for latin characters. You can always overtype using Connexion diacritics.
The first version of the Duplicate Detection & Resolution (DDR) software was used on Books up to 2005. A new version has been used since 2009/2010. Thirty-one million records have been merged using DDR.
Much of the text of Jay Weitz's report is in the December 2017 issue of the OLAC newsletter at (page 80+)

PCC Training (Friday p.m.)
The Standing Committee on Training is working on institutional diversity and will be including non-SCT members. There's now a group working on the ISNI pilot. An LRM task group is to be appointed.
There is a new version of the PCC directory which allows PCC members to update their information. It is not yet in production.
The Coop office has added a staff member to deal with duplicate and "last identity" reports (Veronica Ranieri). They need LCCN rather than OCLC ARN. The PCC library should make the decision about which record of duplicates is to be retained and update the "keeper" as appropriate.
Stanford is working on getting ISNI and Wikidata information into our universe.

Faceted Subject Access Interest Group (Saturday p.m.)
Kelly McGrath presented on "Using MARC facets for music with Primo." Field 048 was used for coded instrument names but was not developed by ILS vendors. Some of the new 3XX fields are beginning to play out in discovery platforms. Ball State is working on guided search forms for instrumentation in chamber music. Specificity and hierarchies don't play out in Primo. There are issues with false matching of facets (as we all knew was an issue).
Diane Vizine-Goetz talked about their form for new proposals for personal and corporate names from LC/NAF and for topic/subdivision strings built on LC patterns and free-floating subdivisions. Events are being moved from 111 to 147. When LCGFT and FAST form subdivision are duplicates, the FAST will be deprecated.

Report by Sherman Clarke

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