ALA Midwinter, Chicago, Jan. 31-Feb. 1 2015

Six proposals and one discussion paper were presented at the MAC sessions at ALA Midwinter. The official minutes for the sessions, with links to the papers, are available at:
Reports on two of the papers were furnished by Sherman Clarke, who braved blizzard conditions to attend the session where these were considered.

Proposal No. 2015-01: Defining Values in Field 037 to Indicate a Sequence of Sources of Acquisition
The paper, following up on DP 2014-06, defined an indicator 1 in the 037 (Source of Acquisition) field to carry sequence information relating to the source of acquisition. Arising out of the earlier discussion, subfield $3 was added to identify the range of materials supplied by a given vendor and $5 to identify the institution to which the field applies. The proposal passed.

Proposal 2015-02 - Adding Dates for Corporate Bodies in Field 046 in the MARC 21 Authority Format
This proposal, which follows up on DP2014-05, defines a non-repeatable subfield $q "Establishment date" and non-repeatable subfield $r "Termination date" in field 046 for corporate bodies. The proposal was approved, with a request to Gary Strawn of Northwestern University to look into how much legacy data will be affected, now that the same subfields ($s and $t) are no longer used to record, respectively, period of activity (start) for persons and date of establishment for corporate bodies, and period of activity (end) for persons and date of termination for corporate bodies.

Proposal No. 2015-03: Description Conversion Information in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format 2015-03 (NOTES TAKEN BY SHERMAN CLARKE)
This proposal grew out of experiments with conversion of files of machine-readable records, principally that happening between various flavors of MARC (XML, MODS, MADS) and BIBFRAME. Concerns were expressed about lack of detail in the proposal as written, e.g., no way to say cataloger had looked at machine conversion and made corrections; version of conversion software both before and after conversion; relationship to Encoding Level and other machine conversions such as pinyin and bib flip from AACR to AACR2 in 1980; free-text description of process in $a (should it be standardized?). The field definition and scope was revised to "Use to provide information about the origin of a MARC record which has been converted by machine from another metadata structure." Subfield $b was added for version of the conversion software. Subfield $d for date was changed to $g to leave room for potential changes to allow coding of source metadata format and version and target metadata format and version. Subfield $k was renamed "Identifier of source metadata" and definition revised to reflect discussion. The paper was approved as revised during discussion.

Proposal No. 2015-04: Broaden Usage of Field 088
This proposal to broaden the usage of the 088 field to include followed up on DP2014-07. It was approved with some minor corrections to the examples.

Proposal No. 2015-05: Definition of New Code for Leased Resources in Field 008/07 in the MARC21 Holdings Format
This proposal defined a new code in the holdings format to indicate that an e-resource is leased. Many digital resources are leased. It's important to know their status, since it affects decisions on preservation, participation in programs such as LOCS, and criteria for what goes into an institution's digital archive. Encoding this in a MARC record, as opposed to an acquisitions module, make the information more accessible and aids in reporting. This proposal was passed.

Proposal No. 2015-06: Defining New Subfield in Field 382 for Coding Number of Ensembles in the MARC 21 Bibliographic and Authority Formats (NOTES TAKEN BY SHERMAN CLARKE)
Subfield $s in 382 is used for the "Total number of performers." When one of the "performers" is an ensemble, the number of persons in the ensemble is often indeterminate and potentially variable. Subfield $e was proposed to record the "Number of ensembles." The proposal was approved as written with the clarification that you don't have both $e and $s related to any performer.

Discussion Paper No. 2015-DP01: Recording RDA Format of Notated Music
This paper, though primarily of interest to music librarians, may have implications for other formats. The paper proposed a separate data element, the 348, for the format of notated music, such as score, choir book, or parts. RDA defines a separate data element for this information, which used to be bundled in the 300$a, along with the pagination, number of volumes, etc. The 348 field is preferable to the 655, since unlike a 655, it will reflect the number of units, and may therefore be in either the singular or the plural. The issue is related to the work of the Task Force on Machine Actionable Data, and may also have implications for the description of graphics, where the type of graphic (e.g. drawing, print, photograph) appears in the same element as the carrier information (1 sheet, 5 pages).

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