Subject Analysis Committee (Monday p.m.)

SAC is sponsoring a program on training for subject cataloging at ALA Annual in Orlando (2004). The program may be two days or a day and a half, it will be modular and the plans are for it to be applicable to other situations and uses. It will be co-sponsored by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.

The subcommittee on semantic interoperability is working on an effective definition, guidelines for best practices, projects, and a bibliography/webliography. cf.

Stephen Hearn (U of Minnesota) is the official rep to the NISO committee on multiple thesauri. Pat Kuhr and Lynn El Hoshy are also on the committee.

OCLC/WLN’s MARS authority processing service now includes the genre term records for GSAFD. The records in OCLC have been changed and changes from the 1st to 2nd edition have been reflected.

SAC discussed representation and communication with other associations, including ARLIS/NA. There was a general agreement that communication was the important thing and that reports and unofficial liaisons might be adequate, especially given the state of support at many institutions. ARLIS/NA has never financially supported representatives to ALA groups and the Music Library Association has recently cut back on its support.

A program idea for 2004 revolves around the user and would be a followup to the “One size fits all” program of several years ago. David Miller, SAC chair, will probably put together a task force to investigate such a program.

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