PCC Trainers Meeting (Friday p.m.)

LC Coop Team staff are working on getting as much documentation on the web as possible. Some are presently in image files which download slowly; they are being moved to PDF for faster downloading. Bob Ewald has revised the chapter 25 guidelines for uniform titles. Judy Kuhagenís series documentation is available. To use these materials, go to the PCC page and click on the appropriate program (BIBCO, CONSER, NACO or SACO). cf. http://lcweb.loc.gov/catdir/pcc

NACO parameters for quantity have been established. Funnel participants are exempt and institutions that are not now able to meet the parameters will be asked to recommit or leave the program, or join a funnel if an appropriate one exists. The quotas are 100 NACO records per year for smaller libraries and 200 for larger ones.

Judy Kuhagen reviewed the 2002 revisions to AACR. For serials including series, the full form of name will now be preferred over the initialism, more minor changes in serial and series titles will be considered variants rather than new titles, etc.

OCLC (Susan Westberg and Robert Bremer) described some of the changes that will result from the change from Passport to Connexion. Libraries building NACO records will now be able to see other institutionís save records.

David Banush, chair of the PCC Standing Committee on Training, described some of the efforts of that committee. The BIBCO training manual is being revised. The tone and emphasis of BIBCO materials will be revised to place emphasis on the cataloging rather than the exhortation to cooperate, particularly as to core vs full records. The NACO participants manual will be revised over the coming year.

There was also discussion of notification of changed CONSER, BIBCO or NACO records. Some vendors have notification services for NACO but not bibliographic records.

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