CCS/PCC Task Force to Develop Name and Title Authority Training (Sunday mid-day)

SAC established a subcommittee to develop subject cataloging training materials. This group is modelled on that group. It started out as an ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section committee but PCC has been added as a co-sponsor of the effort. The SAC training is aiming at a program for Annual 2003. The training materials will be modular with some portions aimed at special materials or topics.

Potential audiences for the name and title authority training materials are library school students, beginning catalogers, paraprofessionals, student employees, staff outside technical services, and vendors, as well as continuing education and followup for librarian catalogers. Though the program is seen as broader than just for PCC participants, the PCC website is maintained by LC Coop staff and provides more flexibility and timeliness than the ALCTS site; the materials are likely to reside on the PCC site.

Some first steps: survey of existing training materials, including local procedures; survey of cataloging curricula at library schools; examination of training materials available from vendors. The need for materials that can be used online or at own pace was seen as desirable, as well as materials that might be used in classroom or workshop settings.

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