CONSER At Large (Friday a.m.)

Four libraries have joined the publication pattern initiative. The Pub Pattern Task Force is working with OCLC to figure out a notification service for changed pub patterns. A new group has been established for e-patterns and one on universal holdings records. The FRBR Task Force (co-chaired by Everett Allgood and Ed Jones) met with the JSC Format Variation Working Group. The FRBR T.F. is just getting started on looking at how work/expression citations are to appear in authority records and how the FRBR attributes relate to seriality.

The discussion on 510s in serial records (for indexing of serial titles) was inconclusive. Most serial catalogers do not maintain these fields and generally feel the bib record is not the place to determine what indexes cover a serial title. NLM and Chemical Abstracts however continue to maintain the 510s in serial records relating to their indexing efforts.

The bulk of the meeting concerned CONSER policies for journals in aggregations. CONSER is moving to Option B+ for aggregator titles, that is, one record for all electronic versions but not putting the electronic version on the print record. A task force is looking at the details of this policy and expects to submit its recommendations to the CONSER Operations Committee at their May 2003 meeting.

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