ALCTS CCS SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis
ALA 2001 Midwinter Conference - Washington, D.C.
Meeting - January 12

Present: Members - Gregory New, Julianne Beall, Becky Culbertson, Frank Cervone, Marie Whited, Bruce Trumble, Shannon Hoffman, Bonnie Dede, Karen Greever, Sandy Roe, Greg Wool, Lynn El-Hoshy, Lois Mai Chan, Aimee Glassel, Sherman Clarke, Diane Dates Casey Guests - Rebecca Dean, Scott Weimer, Melanie Polutta, Judy Mansfield, Gertrude Koh, Mary Charles Lasater, Charlene Chou, Stephen Hearn, Roberta Winjum, Arlene G. Taylor, Lois Schultz, Daniel Lovins, Sueyoung Park, Diann Greene, Francie Mrkich.

Diane Dates Casey, chair, welcomed everyone and introductions were made.

Update on IFLA

Lois Mai Chan reported that the Metadata Task Force offered a workshop on Dublin Core and CORC. She presented a paper developed from the subcommittee's paper, Subject Data in the Metadata Record. The current focus is on mapping and the creation of crosswalks. Of particular interest is the work on MACS (Multilingual Access to Subjects at which is exploring the linking of authority records in English, French and German. Other interesting European projects are HILT (High Level Thesaurus at and HARMONY used for multimedia.

Lois noted that the IFLA Conference this year will be held in Boston; a satellite conference, "Subject Retrieval in a Networked World," will be held at OCLC in Dublin, OH, where Clifford Lynch will be the keynote speaker. For more information on the conference, email

LC Conference

Lois, Lynn El-Hoshy, and Mary Charles Lasater spoke briefly about the group on semantic interoperability. Conference papers and comments are posted at

Update on CORC

Rebecca Dean reported that CORC has changed its interface, as well as improved the save file. Institutions can now share constant data records, and the first phase of URL checking was implemented. Plans are under way to improve the export of MARC records, as well as the data harvester. In the spring NACO will be added to CORC.

Overview of Metadata Schemes Paper

Becky Culbertson led the discussion of the paper, Comparison of Subject Treatment of Several Metadata Standards ( She noted that Aimee Glassel will share the paper's findings in the subcommittee's program at Annual 2001. Following consultation with Sara Shatford Layne, the use of subject in the paper was more clearly defined. Becky focused her remarks on GEM (Gateway to Educational Materials) and ONIX (Online Information Exchange). Lois questioned whether the notation of MARC tags in the paper meant that the standard actually used the MARC tag or just an equivalent. Julianne Beall noted that classification needs to be dealt with consistently throughout the schemes.

Diane queried how Aimee planned to present the paper. She intends to relate it to Subject Data in the Metadata Record. Diane suggested that items could actually be displayed in several appropriate metadata formats, so that the audience could view the same item in Marc, Dublin Core, GEM, ONIX, etc. Lois noted that applications of metadata schemes should be distinguished from distinct schemes.

Program for Annual 2001

Because Shelby Harken was still at CCS Executive Committee discussing the program for Annual 2001, Diane shared information on the status of the program. Diane noted that Shelby had the program details finalized and completed a timeline for accomplishing the various tasks necessary between Midwinter and the program at Annual. An evaluation form for the program was already finished. Diane shared the topics and speakers in the program. A summary of the program is attached to these minutes. The program will be held on June 16, 2001 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Old Business

Bonnie Dede inquired about the location of the paper, Subject Data in the Metadata Record, on the ALCTS web site. Diane explained that the link was located on the SAC web page rather than on the subcommittee web page. Subcommittee members requested that a link be placed on the subcommittee's web page.

New Business

Diane stated that the subcommittee would meet briefly on Friday evening at Annual 2001 to review the final preparations for the program. The group working directly on the program would meet after the program to review the evaluations. She expected that SAC would dissolve the subcommittee following presentation of the program.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Dates Casey

[with slight editing by Sherman Clarke]