Program for Cooperative Cataloging Participants
ALA Midwinter 2001

BIBCO: 42 institutions created 62,000 records (33%core); David Banush (Cornell) will do a survey to look at perceptions and use of core-level records; the outline of a participants manual has been developed, modelled on CONSER manual (though less ambitious)

CONSER: the load of 25 to 30,000 publication patterns from Harvard is almost complete; 19 institutions working on pub pattern initiative; new courses are being developed for advanced serials and e-serials training

NACO: big change in last six months was pinyin conversion

SACO: a participants manual is being compiled by Adam Schiff (close to completion and distribution as print and on Catalogerís Desktop)

Standing Committee on Standards: working on recommendations from Cross Reference TF, harmonization of core standards; forming a TF on the function of the authority record

Standing Committee on Automation: working group looking at batch loading of bib records and at records for aggregator sets (e.g. ProQuest, Gale Group)

Visioning: both BIBCO and CONSER participants held visioning sessions during Midwinter (separate reports available on those exercises)