Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access
ALA Midwinter, January 2001

LC report (Barbara Tillett): Voyager implementation had an effect on arrearage reduction; LC is looking at ONIX, a new publishing industry metadata standard; the 1998 amendments to AACR2R have been implemented (6 RIs have been cancelled since the rule now follows the former RI and several RIs revised); AMIM 2nd ed. available; LCCN has moved to 4 digits for date without problems (old LCCNs are the same); CORC in full production in July 2000; LC has been using an inhouse MARC validator since May 2000 (checks for errors and inconsistencies); Voyager 2000 will be implemented in May 2001 (authority record display is dependent on this implementation); pinyin implemented in October 2000 (OCLC did authority record conversion, RLIN is doing bib records); American Memory project includes 5 million items; LC received a $100 million gift, 3/4 of which will be spent on digital initiatives.

The papers from the metadata preconference held last summer in Chicago should be available from ALA Editions by March.

JSC report (Brian Schottlaender; alphanumeric identifications refer to 4JSC documents): work continues on harmonization of AACR and ISBD in regard to electronic resources (Area 3 and 5 still not resolved); JSC will meet in Washington in April; the next revision package will include 21.1B2 revision on conference names (ALA/28), titles of nobility (BL, see references (BL/5), married women (BL/6), publisher statement (LA/1), and articles appendix (LC/29).

Other active issues before JSC: rule of three (ACOC/1 followup); cartographic materials (ALA/31 - still some issues on Area 3); non-roman access points; major/minor changes (ALA/34 - working on major changes, JSC suggested reorganization of paper); clean chapter 12 being reviewed by task force; abbreviations (LC/47) approved but being reformatted (LC may promulgate as RI before official inclusion as amendment to AACR). Withdrawn issues include: LC/29 for entry under corporate body; BL/2 for members of royal houses (though some changes to BL/1 for nobility); BL/4 for additions for names. A task force has been suggested to look at format variations (aka mulver), including testing proposals. Tillett is drafting a principles document.

Two new documents have been submitted by LC (written by Judy Kuhagen). LC/50 discusses the role of series authority records and the usefulness of recognizing their mix of bibliographic and authority roles in AACR. LC/51 addresses multipart items and will probably be part of chapter 12. Both were referred to the major/minor changes taskforce.

Other reports: David Williamson reported on website for LC’s bicentennial conference on cataloging for the new millennium (papers and discussion summaries available); Mike Chopey reported that the DC Metadata Set TF had recommended voting “yes, with comments” on the Dublin Core as a NISO standard; Dan Kinney reported on review of AMREMM (rare books) and they are still looking at examples and APPM; Sherry Kelley distributed a summary of the VRA Core TF charges and stated that the final report should be available soon; the TF on ISO harmonization (Chopey, chair) is looking at metric symbols and other ISO standards which may be out of harmony with AACR; the report of the TF on specific characteristics of electronic resources is still being revised (principally Area 7) but an interim report will go to JSC for April meeting).

The next amendments package will probably be available after the JSC meeting in April 2001. ALA Editions hopes to solve the non-standard binder problem if the amendment cycle shortens.

(N.B. I did not attend all of CC:DA so some items on the agenda are not covered by this report.)

CC:DA Task Force on the VRA Core Categories

The task force’s final report is near completion. It will be a compilation of sections discussing the structure and relating the VRA Core to the IFLA functional requirements, AACR2 and MARC, and to Dublin Core and other metadata schemes. The report is being edited by Sherry Kelley, chair of the task force.