Date sent:                Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:31:22 -0500
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From:             Ana Cristan 
Organization:     Library of Congress
Subject:               Utilities wish list

Dear BIBCO Participants:

At the November PoCo meeting OCLC announced that plans were in high gear for moving to a relational database management system for WorldCat. As a result the PoCo asked that BIBCO and CONSER participants brainstrom and develop a "wish list" to be sent both to OCLC and RLG. At the recent ALA conference the BIBCO-At-Large meeting Jennifer Bowen led a "visioning exercise" designed to create the "wish list" that BIBCO participants would like to see utilities provide. The following list is given in order of priority, #1 being on top.

  1. Authority validation (Linked authorities)
  2. Record distribution, i.e., record sharing, between utilities
  3. Batch overlay, i.e., tape loading ability that will overlay lower level records
  4. Online SACO record contribution and ability to save SACO records in the utilities
  5. BFM (Bibliographic file maintenance)
  6. Numerical file sorting of Series numbering
  7. Import capabilities directly into the utility from remote databases
  8. Online classification record contribution
If you did not attend the BIBCO-At-Large meeting (or attended but have had futher inspiration) we invite you at this time to send forward any suggestions, additions, comments, etc. to this list so that these may be sent to the utilities as soon as possible.

Note: The CONSER visioning summary is at:


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From:             "Jacobs, Jane W." 
Subject:               Re: Utilities wish list

My two cents worth:

A big problem on OCLC is that UKM CIP does not seem to get matched up well (and subsequently overlaid) by LC cataloging. No offense meant to the British Library but their CIP is not very usable for us. Records are very brief and very often duplicate superior DLC or even member copy. We have been experimenting with running batch ISBN searches for current English language titles in CatME. Currently the only way to make this work is to run the batch twice , restricting to only DLC records the first pass. (Obviously this incurs extra searching costs.) Otherwise at least 1/3 of searches deliver two or more records, the majority of these are DLC/UKM dups. UKM CIP seems to be delivered very early, which is a virtue, but having two records (especially 2 national level records) for the same book is definitely NOT! It seems to me that the utilities should be able to find a solution for this.


Jane Jacobs
Assist. Coordinator, Catalog Div.
Queens Borough Public Library
89-11 Merrick Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11432


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From:             Antony Robert David Franks 
Subject:               OCLC Wish List

[some text deleted which duplicated Ana Cristan message above]

During a discussion of these items at the PCC Participants Meeting later Sunday, others added

  1. Better functionality from the fixed field coding in 007/008:
    a. codes should be searchable
    b. codes should trigger display constants
  2. The ability to see all in process authority records in OCLC, as members can do in RLIN
  3. Ability of RLIN members to do CONSER work
  4. OCLC credits for BIBCO members who provide a classification number to records that did not contain a number in that system
  5. ISSN records available in the utility databases
Full summaries of the BIBCO and CONSER meetings can be found on their respective websites.

Time is growing short for formulation of a final wish list to present to OCLC. Feel free to present further thoughts for discussion on the matter to the list, or directly to me, at