ALA Midwinter 2000
CC:DA Task Force on Metadata
(Sunday a.m.)

Steve Miller and Mary Woodley described some prototypes for patron use of one search interface to access information from multiple sources. The PowerPoint slides of the lecture are available at

NESSTAR (Networked Social Science Tools and Resources; a joint project of Norwegian, British and Danish agencies): common gateway to varying metadata with several formats for local use

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS; U.K.): mix of resource types (e-texts, databases, digital images, geospatial data, time-based film data) and description styles, but result is a virtual uniform catalog

CORC (Cooperative Online Resource Catalog; OCLC): extensive guidelines for data input with some automatic assistance for authority control, to be integrated with OCLC WorldCat (see SAC and Big Heads reports)

Getty projects -- aka, Faces of LA, Arthur, GRI auction catalog records: aka and Faces of LA are now both dead; GRI (a.k.a. the library) is loading SCIPIO auction records into the opac

Pharos (Cal State): thesaurus can only be used in individual databases

Searchlight (U of California): allows broad searches and sorts result by database

None of the gateways seemed to handle multiple thesauri at the same time. Mary Woodley reported that PsycInfo allows a link from a search to the thesaurus to see related terms, including broader and narrower.

The presentation on prototypes was followed by a discussion of Dublin Core qualifiers by Stu Weibel and Rebecca Guenther. The DC qualifiers are currently out for vote, with the ballot deadline being February 11th. A negative vote or abstention must be explained so that the objections can be dealt with. Individual implementations have already developed additional categories and/or qualifiers; general approval will assist in coordinated searching. Some categories may disappear and be replaced by a qualified version of another category. For example, Source is really a type of Relation. Creator, Contributor and Publisher are all responsible persons or bodies.

The final report for the task force will be submitted to CC:DA (and its unofficial cosponsor MARBI) by the late spring. Much of the report will borrow heavily from reports of the working groups on the committee’s charges (available at ALA site, go through the hierarchy: divisions - ALCTS - CCS - CC:DA - task forces).

CC:DA is doing a preconference on metadata for ALA Annual 2000. is a collective web site for managing electronic lists relating to metadata issues.

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